A guide to finding Vienna’s street art

The urban art in Vienna was one of the highlights of my trip. 80% of it is down by the canal, but most of my favourites were elsewhere.

We booked a tour with FreeTour.com but it was cancelled as not enough people had signed up that day. This was annoying as we didn’t find out until the last minute and only when we contacted them buuut nothing like a challenge to increase your travel savviness!

I used Instagram and some blogs I found to plan our route, and we also stumbled across some gorgeous pieces by total accident.

Here are the places I’d recommend you check out including what order to see them in & how to get between them. I hope you find it useful!

Start at Spittelau

We were staying slightly north of the city centre and Spittelau was a stop even further from there. So this isn’t a place you’d go for any other reason than finding the street art – although after exiting the underground we were greeted with this crazy building!

Apparently, it’s the headquarters of an energy firm and it’s clearly built in the style of Vienna’s famous Hundertwasser Village (see this + my other Vienna recommendations here).

So yep, Spittelau is a random place and we couldn’t initially find the art we were looking for – aside from that building it was pretty grey and industrial. What you need to do is wander down to the canal path where you’ll find what was possibly my favourite arty spot in all of Vienna…

Pretty cool, hey? I was particularly drawn in by the image of Freud split open to see his inside (that’s got to be something to do with inner psyche, right?) and I also liked the giant badger and this pretty colourful scene. This corner is definitely worth a visit.

Next, walk along the river

Use Spittelau as your starting point to walk along the canal towards the city. As well as street art almost every step of the way it’s a nice walk with outdoor gyms and lots of people running and walking dogs.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the city centre which included a fair amount of stopping to take photos. Here are some of the pieces of art we saw on the way & one very cool ticket machine…

Come at the right time and you might even be lucky and see some of the art being created. We mused whether this guy was trying to blend into the surroundings in his purple t-shirt…

Once you’ve seen enough art along the canal, climb the steps into the city and hop on an underground from Schwedenplatz station to Pilgramgasse (10 minutes on the U2 line) where you’re just around the corner from…

Richard Waldemar-Park, Hofmühlgasse

Hunting for street art made me realise how easy to find things USUALLY are, as 99% of places these days are mapped on Google. Street art in Vienna isn’t one of them apparently and we stumbled upon this when searching for a piece of street art I’d seen online and which we never actually found.

I think this was actually way nicer than the one we’d been looking for. I saw this photo below of a man and his camera on Take Us Anywhere blog but after wandering Grumpendorfer Strasse and asking lots of locals, we came to the conclusion it must have been painted over or replaced by now – it was nowhere to be seen. Let me know if you find it on your travels, though!

Photo credit: Take Us Anywhere


Not far from the colourful works above you can wander to Andreasgasse street where you’ll find this piece on an apartment block facing into a park.


We actually stumbled upon this street on our first day in Vienna but it would be easy to fit into a street art tour – it’s only a 15-minute walk from Andreagasse above.

Streetart passage

This place is more of a quirky entrance to the Museums Quater than anything else. There’s not a ton to see but it’s a good place to finish the tour and move on to lunch or some museums.

This route will take you at least a long morning and hopefully blow up your Instagram as you go. Drop me an email at wheregoesrose@gmail.com if you need any extra advice!


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