10 things you must do in Dubrovnik!

It’s not surprising Croatia is so popular – the beaches, islands and cities are all world class. I spent almost a week in Dubrovnik and didn’t run out of things to do – here are my recommendations for your time in the sun!

1. Get lost in the backstreets

There’s something wonderful down every backstreet in Dubrovnik whether it’s gelato, a new favourite restaurant or an Instagrammable staircase.

2. Take a trip to Lokrum island

Lokrum is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik harbour so it’s an easy day or half day out.

It’s amazing for the following reasons:

  • It’s peacock galore and they’re always fanning out their tail feathers
  • Game of Thrones was filmed there so you can spot scenes and even sit in a replica throne
  • There’s a lagoon named the Dead Sea because it’s so salty you easily float

3. Eat breakfast with a harbour view

This is brunch goals for sure! We ate at Gradska Kavana Arsenal where the harbour views were insane and the delicious food wasn’t even too pricey – breakfast dishes start at £5.

4. Sample the ice cream

What’s your favourite flavour? I like pistachio!

5. Take the cable car

This short ride takes just a few minutes and will present you with the greatest view around. Admire it from the main platform or go slightly off-piste and climb over a few rocks like I did. There’s also a restaurant at the top so if cocktails and amazing views are your bag you’ll be in heaven.

6. Walk the City Walls

A must! The City Walls surround the Old Town and offer some breathtaking coastal views. You could make your way round in an hour if you didn’t stop to take a million photos – but we all know that’s not possible!

7. Admire the Stradun at night

The main street within the Old Town is made of shiny limestone and is beautiful at all times of the day and night. But if you HAD to pick a time, go for sunset when small birds flit between the turrets and rooftops.

8. Hang out at the harbour or take a cruise

This area of the city is really striking and lots of people even cliff jump into the waters from popular bar, Buza. Obviously, you don’t have to throw yourself off a cliff to have a good time; the waterfront is beautiful whatever you get up to. I’d recommend a boat trip – you’ll find lots that tour the harbour and nearby waters on a 45-minute return cruise.

9. Catch a killer sunset

Every sunset in Croatia seems to be magical – so make sure you have your eye on the sky. We captured this one from the top of the hill before taking the cable car back down to the city.

10. Visit a cathedral

Get your culture dose and visit Dubrovnik Cathedral. You can see its pretty dome even from up high on the Walls (see the pretty, taller one on the right-hand side?), and the art inside is definitely worth a visit.

Additional day trips

Finished with those 10 Dubrovnik-orientated activities? There are two days out I’d recommend if you have time…

Elaphiti Islands

This archipelago is wonderful. Most boat trips from Dubrovnik can be easily booked from tourist stands in the Old Town and go to three islands: Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. Ours hit a random storm on an otherwise sunny day meaning we had to miss Kolocep – but the others were fantastic. Sipan harbour is definitely worth a visit and there are some great hiking trails around, while Lopud (below) is bigger with beaches, churches and lots of ice cream.

Cross a border

Consider a tour over the border to Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina. I took the second option and absolutely loved it! This pretty Bosnian city below is Mostar but you’ll also get to visit hillside villages and swim in postcard-perfect waterfalls. The best bit is that you’ll be back in Dubrovnik the same day you depart – easy! You’ll find lots of tourist stands around Dubrovnik Old Town so booking is super simple; we paid about £40pp.

Most importantly… enjoy your holiday! Dubrovnik is the perfect city to relax, wander, eat and drink. If I can help with any more tips let me know! 🙂 xx


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