Rose’s foodie adventures #1: summer 2017

This summer has been an excellent one for eating. From bratwursts to Venezuelan food to ice cream clouds, these have been lots of new favourites.

I tried plenty of meaty German food as I visited Munich and Nuremberg in August, and I tucked into the local dishes on a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina in June.

As well as reacquainting myself with Canadian poutine and Japanese matcha ice cream, I also tried out some brand new cuisines at the Gloucester Green Market, an awesome food market in my hometown of Oxford. Also worthy of a mention are some brunches I’ve eaten around England this summer which, in millennial fashion, mainly involve avocado.

So, in no order, here’s my review of my favourite eats from June to August…

Venezuelan food

Thanks to Pitiguey Arepas at Oxford’s Gloucester Green market I got to sample Venezuelan food. Having never tried it before, I went for Pabellon Criollo which is the national dish of slow-cooked beef brisket with black beans, fried plantain and cheese.

It was really tasty! It reminded me of the flavours of other South American foods which I tried travelling in 2009. I was glad for the beef and chilli sauce as sometimes the heavy reliance on rice and beans can be slightly bland.

Japanese matcha ice cream – in a cloud!

Milk Train in London was somewhere I’d been seeing on Instagram for a while. Despite the fact that I had to queue for an hour and my friend left to go have a Saturday night life while I continued to wait, it might have just been worth it. Matcha is my obsession and this was matcha flavoured ice cream with a candy floss cloud and crumbled Oreos and popcorn so it was even better.

Saying that, I had such a sugar high and come down after.

Tibetan curry

During my second trip to Gloucester Green food market, I went for Tibetan food.

I had an inkling this would be like Nepalese food which I tried when I was travelling there in 2015. I went for Himalayan chicken curry topped with a tasty beef momo (yummy dumplings filled with meat or veg that I had for lunch almost every day in Nepal). It was as good as I remembered – thanks, Taste Tibet.

German food

I feel like a holiday to Germany and weight gain go hand-in-hand but who cares? I went twice this summer and my fave eats were bratwurst, käsespätzle (basically German mac and cheese topped with bacon and onions), pork knuckle with gravy, and soft pretzels.

Poutine from Canada

At Glastonbury Festival my friend Allanah and I were excited to find poutine which we hadn’t eaten for five years since our study abroad days in Canada. If you’ve not heard of it before, think cheesy chips with gravy then quadruple the yum factor (the cheese is more like curds) and you’ll have a good idea of what it’s like. I added bacon and mushrooms to mine because why wouldn’t you?

Cannoli from Sicily

There’s a cute little pizza cafe in Oxford which serves great coffee and all your deli goods. I was keen to try cannoli which is apparently native to Sicily and I think I must have missed when I went on holiday there in 2014. It’s essentially a tube made of hardened, fried dough and filled with a thick, rich cream which is sweet and flavoured with pistachio. It was so glorious that there’s no way it could have anything but super bad for you!

Bosnian food

Whilst my family I were on holiday in Croatia in June, we took a day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina where we had the chance to eat at a traditional restaurant.

As a country that was once part of the Ottoman Empire, the food was Middle Eastern inspired. I tried a typical dish of sogan-dolma: cooked onions filled with rice and mincemeat. They were served with stuffed vine leaves, mashed potato and sour cream on a lettuce leaf. I’d had no idea what to expect but I really liked it.


This summer I’ve soaked up some nasty hangovers with insanely good brunches. Here are the best:

Joe’s Cafe, Brighton

I had: Lucie’s healthy brunch with smoked salmon, avocado, mushrooms and poached eggs (bottom left).

Cafe Tarifa, Oxford

I had: shakshuka, a Middle Eastern dish of baked eggs with chorizo, feta cheese and tomato.

Federal Cafe & Bar, Manchester

I had: the veggie bagel with poached eggs, avocado, halloumi and mushrooms. I even washed it down with a matcha latte – heaven.

Billie’s Cafe, Brighton

Another one from Brighton, this place is a great find.

I had: the Big Smoke – toast with avocado, smoked salmon and cream cheese.

I told you my brunches were heavy on the avocado 😉

Writing this blog has left me slightly shocked at how much I’ve eaten this summer. But I had a lot of fun in the process so no harm was done.

On that note, I’m off for a run. See you next time when I’ll have undoubtedly eaten even more!

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