I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award

The other day I was nominated for the Liebster Award by my fellow travel blogger, Kate from World’s Not Waiting. 

Thanks, Kate – read her post about the award.

About World’s Not Waiting

Kate grew up in Dallas, Texas and during her first trip overseas when she was 11, she was bitten by the travel bug. She went on to study French in college and then lived in Paris – something that seemed scary at first but cemented her love for seeing the world.

Now that she works full-time, travel is a little harder. She has just one year left to apply for the under 30 working holiday in Australia and is debating whether to pack up her life and go. Do me a favour readers and head over to her contact page and tell her she should!

What is the Liebster Award?

Have you heard of the Liebster Award? Chances are that if you are a travel blogger you will be nominated at some point if you haven’t been already. I had never heard of it before I was nominated. Basically, it is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. It lets bloggers pay it forward so that newer bloggers can get noticed in the vast blogosphere and gets you interacting with other blogs you might not have otherwise.

How Does it Work?

This award works like a chain mail.

When you get nominated, you can accept the award and nominate other bloggers for it. To accept the award, you need to write a blog post to:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award and write a little blurb about their journey.
  • Answer a list of questions from the blogger about yourself.
  • Nominate new bloggers for the award and come up with questions for them!

The award may sound meaningless to some bloggers because it does not come with a trophy or prize. If you fall into this camp, you can ignore the blogger who nominated you – just continue blogging as normal! But what is the fun in that? It’s just a couple questions!

Ways To Get Nominated

To grow your travel blog, you need to connect and network with other travel bloggers.

Do you know more than 5 travel bloggers on a personal level? A year or so ago I didn’t, but thanks to Instagram I chat and feel inspired by other solo female travellers daily. The internet gets some stick for detracting people from real-life relationships, but use it wisely and I believe you get the best of both.

Having a strong relationship with other travel bloggers brings about collaboration and cross-promotion opportunities. Surrounding yourself with bloggers who are also growing their blog keeps you motivated, too. Being in travel groups, like Girls Love Travel (for example) helps to serve as a motivator and networking tool. So try to get involved in some travel groups on Facebook!

10 questions assigned to me

What/who inspires you to travel?

I think the fact that nothing and nobody inspires me to travel (apart from travel itself) pretty much says it all. I love the unknown and stumbling upon cool places. I don’t crave routine. I like meeting new friends on the road and documenting my adventures. There isn’t anything that I don’t like about it, to be honest.

Who could say no to views like this?

What is the best memory you have travelling?

I’d probably go with an early one. I still love travelling and making memories now but there’s something about the first time you do something that always makes it memorable. I went to Ecuador when I was 19 and it was also the first time I’d left home, lived with friends etc so it was a lot of experiences all in one. I volunteered then travelled with the friends I made on the placement – we climbed Machu Picchu, stayed on islands, partied a lot and are still friends today. We basically didn’t go online and had no cares – it’ll always be a bit of a golden era to me.

What is the scariest thing you have experienced while travelling?

Getting attacked by three wild dogs on a beach in Fiji at night. Moral of the story – just avoid dogs on beaches at night.

Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have visited:

  • A beach just off the coast of Port Barton on Palawan island, the Philippines. From Port Barton we went on an overnight sailing and camping trip and the beach we stayed on was totally uninhabited (I have no idea where we actually were) so we were totally alone with the sunset and the luminescent plankton. It was magical!
  • Mana Island, Fiji. Apparent from the not-so-curious incident with the dog at nighttime, this place was heaven. We planned to stay two nights and ended up staying five as we didn’t want to leave. As there were only three places to stay on the whole island it wasn’t that touristic and it was mainly a community of locals who lived there which made it even more interesting.
  • Nungwe, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Heaven on earth! Zanzibar is just the most beautiful island.

Would you rather explore the deep ocean or outer space?

I’m a diver so I love getting into the deep ocean. In the Philippines, I wanted to swim with thresher sharks which you can only see at minus 30m but because I only had an Open Water license I had to do a top-up course. Down at 30m you can’t see the colour red anymore which is totally fascinating to me. You could be looking at something bright red and it would look black. Combine that with all the interesting sea life down there and I’m all about the deep ocean!

If you had to pick one country to live in (not your own) for a year, which country would you pick and why?

Vietnam. I’m a real city girl so feel quite at home in busy cities like Hanoi and I just love Vietnamese food. The people are so friendly and there’s so much variety – I haven’t found anywhere yet to top it (apart from maybe Cape Town).

What is the luckiest thing to have happened to you while travelling?

Winning a £500 STA Travel voucher and using it to buy a tour of Cambodia. It was hotel-based accommodation which gave me a break from my year of dorms and I made two amazing South African friends who then helped inspire/plan my trip to Africa. I’m really glad I won that voucher!

Which travel destination most exceeded your expectations?

Tanzania. It was my first safari and still my best. I expected we’d have to search hard to find the big 5 but as soon as we drove into the Serengeti National Park there were throngs of wildebeest, buffalo and zebras and it wasn’t long until we found leopards, lions, elephants and giraffes, too. It was probably the best couple of days of my life so I would say Tanzania exceeded my expectations and then some!

Beach or Mountains? Why?

Probably mountains. I’ve been to a lot of beaches and they’re easy – mountains are a bit more challenging which I like.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

To record my travels for people at home, and also just because I love writing and travel – it seemed like the obvious way to combine the two.

My Nominees:

Questions for my Nominees to Answer:

  • Do you like to travel solo or with other people – and why?
  • Which is the city you could most see yourself living in?
  • How many continents have you been to, and which ones?
  • Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?
  • Do you have a favourite place? Is that even possible? I know I struggle to pick just one!
  • Cities or countryside?
  • Where was the first place you visited overseas?
  • Where is the best place you have been to for food?
  • Have you ever been underwhelmed by a place – why was that?
  • Where do you want to go next?

I look forward to getting to know you all more!  It is difficult to grow a blog in this day and age.  Nurturing your relationships with other bloggers helps!

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