About Me

I’m a 27-year-old blogger and travel writer from Oxford, the UK. I see travel blogging as my way of combing my two major loves: putting pen to paper and seeing the world!

Exploring Vienna’s street art

When did I start travelling?

2009 – As a 19-year-old taking a gap year I volunteered teaching English in Ecuador before travelling around Peru and Bolivia, then flying to Australia to spend a month backpacking

2010-11 – In my second year of uni I did a study exchange to Ontario, Canada and over Christmas fitted in visits to the west coast, America and Mexico

2012 – Whilst studying I fundraised with Childreach International to trek the Great Wall of China for three weeks over the summer

2015-16 – After a couple of years working in London I quit my job and backpacked around India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan and the Philippines (what a trip, right?)

2017 – unwilling to adapt back to reality, I saved up at home and took an Africa overlanding trip through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa

Finding new hobbies in Asia in 2015

Favourite places so far?

Tokyo for food, India and Nepal for colourful culture, Tanzania for wildlife, Myanmar for temples, the Philippines for abandoned beaches and Vietnam for generally stealing my heart.

Oxford and London are home so will always be special to me and there are so many other¬†European cities like Vienna and Berlin that I’m very much in lust with. There’s also nowhere for me that can beat the variety of beautiful Cape Town; I’d move there in a heartbeat.

As you can tell, picking a favourite place is torture for me!

Cape Town at sunset

My travel style

I’ve done it all (apart from couple travel). I enjoy travelling with likeminded friends but you’ll usually find me riding solo and I think everyone should take a trip alone at least once. Volunteering can be a great idea when it’s done right and I also really see the value in tours, especially for newbie travellers.

My travel style is pretty budget and I believe in embracing hostel life and long haul buses when you’re young enough not to mind them. Luxury isn’t a word in my vocabulary right now so you won’t find many blogs here on fancy resorts – sorry!


Apart from to visit all the corners of our mesmerising world, I want to do it in depth where possible. Travel for me is about getting to know a place like a local: the customs, the people, the politics – not sitting on the beach with a cocktail (though that has its place, too). For that reason, I usually travel as longer backpacker trips rather than short holidays and sometimes end up spending months in a place other people whiz round in a week.

I dislike

Judgy travellers. My mission works for me but if you want to travel fast, slow, in luxury or on a budget, it doesn’t matter. Travel is travel. And it’s the best.

If I wasn’t a travel blogger

I’d be a food blogger – 100%. Food is such a huge part of a country’s culture and I find the two tie in so well. I wouldn’t be a beauty or fitness blogger – I admire people who do those kind of blogs, but you can’t teach a dog to walk on its hind legs (I don’t think). Mascara and a 10 minute jog in my battered trainers is as far as I go!

My second love

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Nuremberg, Germany is another European city I love!

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