10 x Best Brunch & Breakfast in Ubud

Breakfast ubud

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While working from my laptop, I set myself a challenge to find the best brunch in Ubud. The food in Bali is utterly amazing and probably a reason to plan a trip alone. While the gorgeous temples, rice fields and beaches aren’t bad either, the Ubud breakfast scene can compete!

You’ll find both local and western food in Ubud. Typical dishes from Indonesia include moreish nasi campur, gado gado and tempeh and can be eaten for less than a dollar at busy, mouthwatering warungs and street food buffets.

Personally, I mixed it up during my 2 weeks in Bali. Even though the cafes serving brunch in Ubud usually offer Indonesian food too, I always ate at cheap and cheerful warungs with the locals. It’s done well at tourist cafes but much more expensive.

Wall art at Green Key Cafe Ubud
Cute brunch spots in Ubud, Bali


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When it comes to brunch and coffee, you can’t beat the Ubud cafes. The smoothie bowls in Ubud may be 5 times the price of the local food but they’re worth it, and a steal compared to home.

There’s so much scope for beautiful, healthy brunches, salads and vegetarian food in Ubud that it’s created its own food culture. The same applies to the vibrant Canggu restaurant scene.

Best brunch and breakfast in Ubud

Whilst travelling solo in Bali, I was working from my laptop. This meant I needed to discover the best breakfast in Ubud pronto for fuel and inspiration. I think I did a pretty good job – you can let me know whether you agree in the comments at the end.

So here we go, my guide to the best brunch cafes and smoothie bowls in Ubud…

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Zest Ubud (best vegan brunch in Ubud)

Chocolate pancakes ubud

Don’t miss Zest from your Ubud itinerary. Set upon the top of a hill, the breezy open-plan restaurant benefits from beautiful jungle views and a temple setting. The garden is decorated with lilypads and Buddha statues while the inside is full of abstract art and plants.

Vegans will definitely think Zest serve the best brunch in Ubud because everything is fully plant-based. I was rendered speechless by the chocolate, grilled banana, coconut and mango pancakes. Eating them brought me to a godly statue of inner peace that I believe some only find via meditation!

During my second visit, I tried the dragon fruit carpaccio alongside the black rice pudding with coconut (an Indonesian speciality). Both were uber photogenic, though no match for the pancakes.

Buddha statue zest cafe

Veggie/ vegan-friendly? Entirely. Everything is plant-based and the coffees come with coconut milk.

Cowork friendly? Very. It’s relaxed and breezy with enough space that you’re not in earshot of people’s conversations. Lots of other people were working when I visited.

Price: The decadent pancakes were 70,000 IDR ($5 at the time of writing) and the coffees are 30,000-40,000 IDR.


Smoothie bowl and matcha coffee at Wamm Ubud bali

WAMM is my second favourite Ubud breakfast spot following Zest, and one of the most relaxing cowork spots in town.

Pictured above is the best smoothie bowl in Ubud (that I had anyway), packed with papaya, granola, dragon fruit, pumpkin seeds and coconut. I vowed to come back because the salads and falafel looked enormous, homemade and delicious but alas, I ran out of time.

Top Ubud cafe points also go to the matcha lattes and comfy interior. WAMM is a little bit out of Ubud centre but worth the journey.

Hanging lanterns at Wamm Cafe

Veggie/ vegan-friendly? Yes – the falafel looked incredible!

Cowork friendly? Yep… At least half the customers were co-workers when I visited.

Price: 120,000 IDR for a smoothie bowl and coffee.

Milk & Madu

Fruit muesli at Milk and Madu cafe Ubud

Beside the Royal Palace and in the heart of Ubud, Milk & Madu is a delicious spot for any meal of the day. It’s not particularly cheap as Ubud cafes go, but if you’re a brunch superfan and know exactly how you like your hollandaise, they’ll get it bang-on.

The delicious Super Breaky Bowl might be the best brunch in Ubud for healthy types… oh and Instagrammers! It’s full of colourful granola, strawberries, blueberries, dragon fruit, mango, banana, goji berries, yoghurt, chia seeds, honey and mint.

It was so healthy I couldn’t resist going back and stuffing myself with pizza (it’s 2-for-1 on Tuesday nights).

The high ceilings and glass windows at Milk & Madu make it one of the most relaxing cafes in Ubud. They also serve speciality coffees and some seriously good-looking cheesecakes.

Veggie/ vegan-friendly? Surprisingly for such a tourist joint, not massively but you’ll be fine with the smoothie bowls.

Cowork friendly? I’d describe it as more of a social place but it worked fine for me – the music is fairly loud but the Wi-Fi is strong.

Price: 70,000-90,000 IDR for brunch dishes.

Yellow Flower Cafe (best hidden gem)

Smoothie bowl at Yellow Flower Cafe
The best smoothie bowl in Ubud

Yellow Flower Cafe serves healthy breakfast in Ubud, plus it’s hidden away at the top of the Penestanan Stairs. I sampled yet another Ubud smoothie bowl which might have been the prettiest yet.

My only complaint? Why do cafes serve hot drinks in glass cups with no handle? Ouch.

Tip: Check how to get there in advance. Google Maps would suggest it’s on the main road but you need to take these stairs then the second right as signposted.

Veggie/vegan-friendly? It’s all they do.

Cowork friendly? Yes. It’s so peaceful!

Price: I paid 110,000 IDR for a smoothie bowl and flat white – standard Ubud cafe prices.

Clear Cafe (prettiest brunch cafe in Ubud)

Omelette brunch at Clear Cafe

The only thing more impressive than the interior at Clear Cafe? The wide variety of brunch and breakfast dishes. Clear Cafe is a pescatarian cafe with a menu that spans 15 pages.

There are about 10 types of egg dishes, plus pancakes, muesli, oats, granola and tropical fruits. I needed some healthy nourishment so ordered a veggie omelette with tomato, spinach, mushroom and feta (you can never be too healthy for feta!). Even the simple dishes somehow manage to arrive looking picture-perfect.

For an Ubud breakfast with stunning surrounds, it’s also a winner. You enter via a decadent carved door and sit on colourful floor cushions admiring Hindu-inspired wall art, or take the fireman’s pole from upstairs to downstairs! The flower quote on the stairs changes regularly.

Reality is a divine dream sign Clear cafe ubud

Veggie/vegan-friendly? Yes – they offer a tofu scramble rather than eggs, plus the fruit and granola bowls are vegan.

Cowork friendly? It’s doable if you visit early before the lunch crowd comes in. The Wi-Fi a bit hit and miss, though.

Price: So reasonable – no breakfast dish is more than 50,000 IDR.

Atman Nourish Cafe

Toast and smoothie bowl at Atman Nourish Cafe Bali
Breakfast in Ubud with a view

I was keen to get to Atman and it didn’t disappoint. They have two spacious cafes in the heart of Ubud (Atman Nourish Kafe is cosier in my opinion with beautiful views over the fields at the back) which also sell gorgeous jewellery and environmental goods like reusable water bottles and straws.

The brunch menu is enormous with smoothie bowls, French toast, creamy porridge, eggs benedict, omelettes and even Indonesian black porridge. I liked the customisation of building your own smoothie bowls with the ingredients on offer. This theme continues with the ‘breakfast sides’ that you can add to your meal.

Banana and goji bowl and coffee at Atman Nourish Cafe Ubud
Another amazing smoothie bowl in Ubud

Other food – the Indonesian and general Asian food looks delicious at Atman, especially the pad Thai. I also had my eye on the collection of healthy cakes and bliss balls. Guilt-free pudding can never be bad, right?

Shop at Atman Nourish Cafe Bali
No waste shop in Atman Cafe

Veggie/vegan-friendly? Yep. The menu is long with lots of variety… I saw more veg than meat.

Cowork friendly? Being in the heart of Ubud, it’s pretty social but I’d say it would be okay.

Price: Not bad at all – breakfast dishes start at 40,000 IDR.

Honourable Ubud breakfast mentions

The cafes I tried out that weren’t quite contenders for the best breakfast in Ubud…


Avocado toast brunch at Bittersweet Cafe Ubud

Okay, I’m sulking with Bittersweet because my avo and salmon portion was tiny and I still felt hungry after. For that reason (and due to some seriously gorgeous eclairs), I’m rating it higher for coffee and cake than brunch. I guess you could give brunch a whirl if you’re not starving.

Pop in to admire the decor at least – it’s very aesthetically pleasing!

Interior of Bittersweet cafe Ubud

Veggie/vegan-friendly? There were veggie brunches and vegan smoothie bowls.

Cowork friendly? Yes. It’s a gorgeous, inspiring place to work. Some of the little tables might be awkward for balancing your laptop and a plate of food so I opted for the long bench table at the back.

Price: 110,000 IDR for brunch and coffee.

Gangga Coffee

Eggs Benedict at Gangga Cafe Ubud

Coffee is the focus at Gangga hence why I’m featuring it mainly in my Ubud cafe guide.

Brunch connoisseurs might not be blown away… The poke bowl was made with regular rice rather than sushi rice, and the sauce on the eggs benny wasn’t hollandaise. Still, it was tasty and by far the cheapest brunch in Ubud I had, apart from White Ginger.

The pancakes and waffles were only 38,000 IDR. It’s also one of the prettiest cafes in Ubud with some amazing wall art.

Colourful mural Gangga Coffee Ubud

Veggie/vegan-friendly? For smoothie bowls, yes, but they’re not as set up for it as many other brunch cafes in Ubud.

Cowork friendly? Generally, though the music was loud. The tables are quite close together so it’s easy to get distracted by other people’s conversations. Though this did turn into a good thing when I befriended my neighbours, picked up some Bali tips and gained some new Insta followers!

Price: A bargain. My eggs benedict brunch was 50,000 IDR and they don’t charge tax – Ubud win!

Best smoothie bowl in Ubud?

If you’re just after a famous Ubud smoothie bowl, I don’t blame you. I would say the one I had at WAMM was the tastiest and the most visually appealing. However, the customisable smoothie bowls at Atman Nourish Cafe are great because you can pick whatever ingredients you like, plus the rice field views are gorgeous. My third favourite smoothie bowl in Ubud was at Yellow Flower Cafe – I couldn’t fault it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to the best brunch in Ubud. Do you have any other contenders or other favourite cafes in Ubud

Thanks for reading my Ubud breakfast guide!

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Brunch in ubud

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4 thoughts on “10 x Best Brunch & Breakfast in Ubud

  1. Lenka says:

    Amazing recommendations! We traveled around Ubud, and following the list of the places from your blog, it has been so helpful. My personal favorite is Zest. Aboslute gem! Thank you.

  2. Christopher Wah Chiu says:

    Great list…I used to be an expat here but not since ’19….so found your list helpful as I’m back here visiting for 10-days.
    Went to Gangga and the coffee & croissants were delicious. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Rose says:

      Hey Christopher thanks for reading and taking time to comment! Wishing you loads of fab coffee adventures

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