14 Cute Hoi An Cafes – Best Coffee in Hoi An!

Hoi an cafes

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The Hoi An coffee is a priority. Not because of all the fast-paced lawyers and bankers who need their fix but because there’s not much else to do than relax and enjoy the Hoi An cafe culture.

Sure, there are some great day trips and lots of other areas to explore during your Hoi An itinerary but in the Ancient Town, it’s very much about wandering, lanterns and coffee… with delectable street food thrown in for good measure.

As an avid fan of food and coffee around the world, how could I resist?


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A couple of Hoi An coffee giants dominate. No, not Starbucks (I don’t think UNESCO would allow it – at least I hope not!) but local cafes that have become popular with tourists and subsequently opened multiple branches.

I’m going to mention one of them in this guide to the best coffee in Hoi An but I’ll spend more time focusing on what I consider to be more deserving local places.

I’ll cover not just the best coffee in Hoi An but my chosen spots to drink it. Expect grammable cafes and quirky coffee shops galore.

Want a helping hand? Take a Hoi An coffee tasting tour with a local guide

First, a bit about Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is some of the best on the globe. Not many people know it but Vietnam is the second-biggest producer of coffee, right after Brazil. For this reason, they really know their stuff.

I first fell in love with the coffee shops in Hanoi then extended this love to Hoi An.

The most common way to find Vietnamese coffee served is though a filter, which drips down into your glass. 

Usually you’ll need to wait 10 minutes for it to finish. What I like about this is how people sit around chatting whilst it brews – there’s less of a rush about life.

Vietnamese coffee Hoi An
Famous Vietnamese drip coffee

Condensed milk is the most common addition to the rich Vietnamese coffee. At many places you can swap it for fresh milk, something I never do because traditional Vietnamese coffee is so sweet and delicious.

Nowadays in Vietnam, drip coffee isn’t the only type you’ll find. All your Western blends like cappuccinos and flat whites are popular, too.

Creamy coconut coffee and even creamier egg coffee from Hanoi (essentially like drinking tiramisu) are two Vietnamese beverages you must try.

Best coffee shops in Hoi An

Espresso Station

Espresso Station Hoi An Cafe

A respite from the busy street food stalls in Hoi An, this is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing cafe in Hoi An. The yellow interior of this cute hangout may as well be Hoi An uniform.

I didn’t include it in my coworking guide to Hoi An because there’s usually upbeat, energetic music and groups chatting & socialising.

It’s a fun place to hang out and the staff are very friendly and passionate about the drinks they serve. These include coconut coffee, egg coffee and pink beetroot lattes – you name it!

Egg coffee Hoi An

Best drink: The ice cube coffee. This drink comes as a glass with three coffee ice cubes and a separate bottle of heated milk which you pour over the cubes. As it melts, voila – your coffee is born!

For me, it’s well up there as one of the best coffees in Hoi An, and one of the most interesting drinks I’ve had ever.

Address: 28/2 Trần Hưng Đạo.


Although coffee and smoothie bowls come hand-in-hand, it’s rare to find somewhere that does food and coffee both so well. Luckily, Nourish ticks all the boxes!

The in-house barista makes all the coffees with freshly roasted beans from Da Lat, roasted locally in Hoi An, thus supporting local livelihoods.

Sip a cappuccino, latte or flat white served with dark chocolate (70%) from Dak Lak province or, even better, try the chocolate cookies, raw chocolate cheesecake, a fresh juice or smoothie bowl.

Not only can the coffees all be made iced, but vegans in Hoi An will be happy because you can opt for plant milk including coconut milk and oat milk. Drinks start from 25,000 VND, served at the stylish, spacious cafe near Hoi An Ancient Town.

Best drink: The best seller is the French Press coffee served with an hourglass indicating when to press. The espresso coffee, made by the house barista, is also super popular – for good reason!

Address: 220a Nguyễn Duy Hiệu, Cẩm Châu.

Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching out Coffee Shop Hoi An

This beautiful cafe is also an innovative NGO providing employment to local deaf citizens who otherwise might struggle to find work.

You order by filling out a slip of paper and turn over blocks on the table saying ‘cheque’ etc when you want to communicate with the staff.

The other reason I love Reaching Out is how beautiful the drinks and details are. The coffee filters are gold, the teapots are intricately painted and the platters of colourful biscuits are just as pretty.

Best drink: ‘A good day’ coffee (yes, I ordered it because of the name!). It’s a local variety grown in Da Lat which apparently has notes of toffee and cashew. I didn’t necessarily recognise them but it certainly tasted good to me.

Address: 131 Trần Phú.

Le Fê Dining Place

Yellow cafe Hoi An

I found this cafe by accident while down the tiny alley housing Ba Dam, a veggie restaurant in Hoi An (another local spot you should check out). Not many travellers seem to know it: only locals have mentioned it to me since.

Like Espresso Station, it’s painted signature Hoi An yellow and there are just as many cute details. Movie posters, grammafones, bookshelves and flower pots scatter the interior and you’ll find many a local blogger having a photo shoot.

Best drink: The Vietnamese coffee was rich, aromatic and not as strong as I’ve found it other places. Don’t take that as a negative, however. In many venues it’ll have you buzzing for hours so I actually preferred the milder blend.

Address: 69/3 Phan Chu Trinh.

Rosie’s Cafe

Iced coffee Rosies Cafe Hoi An

The goddess of Hoi An cafes! I went to Rosie’s twice in my last 24 hours in town simply because I was going to miss it so much. The Vietnamese coffee is really cheap at 30,000 VND and the cold brew bottled coffee isn’t much more.

As well as having some of the best coffee in Hoi An, the brunch dishes at Rosie’s are second to none. Even though this is more of a coffee than a brunch guide, I’ll show you what I’ve eaten here because it’s just incredible!

Smoked salmon Rosies Cafe Hoi An
Smoked salmon and scrambled egg toast with cream cheese
French toast Hoi An coffee shop
The French toast with fruit
Smoothie bowl Rosies Cafe Hoi An
Basic bloggers love a smoothie bowl 😉

(God that’s a lot of food!)

Best drink: I liked the smooth cold brew coffee in its cute little bottle. My friend also had the Unbreak my Heart juice which was delicious and vibrant pink (thanks to a touch of beetroot).

Address: 8/6 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai.

Sound of Silence

Flat white Sound of Silence Coffee shop Hoi an

Not only is Sound of Silence one of the most scenic and relaxing Hoi An cafes, it also serves the richest and most flavoursome coffee I’ve had in Hoi An. It can compete with any hipster joint in London or Sydney!

Sound of Silence isn’t in town but beside An Bang Beach. It’s surrounded by a leafy garden with views of the ocean.

The only meal they serve is brunch and even though there aren’t loads of options, it’s very reasonably priced. The fruit pancakes are massive and only 50,000 VND.

Best drink: The flat white. Top marks for aroma, flavour and the foam pattern drizzled on top. I can’t deny it – this is the Hoi An coffee winner!

Address: Nguyễn Phan Vinh.

Easy Rider Coffee & Tea

Easy Rider Cafe Hoi An

Not to be confused with the various Easy Rider offices selling tours up and down the Hai Van Pass, this cosy cafe is a favourite of mine. The interior is well air-conned and the coffee is seriously cheap!

Best drink: The icy coconut coffees are fantastic and only 28,000 VND which is almost as cheap as basic Vietnamese coffee on the street. Many Western-style places charge double or more!

Address: 507 Cua Dai.

Chu Chi Juice Bar

Chu Chu Juice Bar Hoi An
Chu Chu Cafe Hoi An

This tiny cafe in the heart of the Ancient Town is a real find. As well as juice and smoothies, they serve coffee and teas, boxes of which adorn the walls. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs and top up your caffeine stash.

Even though it’s on one of Hoi An’s busiest streets, it feels quiet and chilled inside.

Best drink: the smoothies are great and will make you feel super healthy. I had one with mango, ginger and turmeric which I’m sure would kill any oncoming cold. If the wall displays are anything to go by, the caffeinated bevs are good, too!

Address: 74 Trần Phú.

Hoi An Coffee Roastery

Hoi An Roastery Cafe
Interior Hoi An Coffee Roastery

As cafes in Hoi An go, this one started the movement. A few years ago, Hoi An Coffee Roastery would have been a novelty but now it’s the Starbucks of town and can be found on every corner.

Despite this, it still serves great coffee and cakes. Don’t leave Hoi An without a taste of the carrot cake or lemon meringue. My favourite branch is 47 Lê Lợi where you can sit on the balcony and watch the world go by.

Best drink: the Vietnamese drip coffee can’t be beaten. Three years ago it was the first of its kind that I was trying for the first time (the moment my life changed, right?).

Address: many!

Looking for even more coffee shops in Hoi An?

I’ve put my favourite co-work-friendly cafes (chilled vibes, good WiFi etc) into my digital nomad guide to Hoi An. Most of these aren’t exclusively for co-workers so go check them out! They include:

Avos & Mangos Hoi An coffee
Cowork life at Avos & Mangos

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to the best coffees in Hoi An and are headed off to sample them for yourself. See you next time 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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