20 Best Cafes in Hanoi – Ultimate Hanoi Coffee Guide

Best coffee Hanoi

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It’s gunna be a big ‘un! There are so many cafes in Hanoi that I barely know where to start. The coffee in Hanoi is one of the MANY fantastic things about Vietnam‘s vibrant capital.

Pull up a chair and prep for a lengthy guide to the best coffee in Hanoi. It’s hardly my fault there’s so much of it, right? Having been to Hanoi three times, I can confirm these are the best Hanoi cafes to enrich your Hanoi itinerary


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Coffees to try in Hanoi 

Vietnam is coffee mania. I recently learnt that they use the same ratio of robusta (the strong stuff) that Westerners use of arabica (the mild kind) meaning the drinks are literally four times stronger. Now that explains the odd sleepless night and occasional heart palpitation!

If you’re spending 2 weeks in Vietnam or longer, a coffee education is necessary so you can sample the best beverages…

Vietnamese coffee (caphe den / caphe sua)

Vietnamese caphe sau

Some of the best coffee in Hanoi will be dripping through a filter as we speak. You can’t beat a slow-brewed cup of caphe den (black coffee) or a sweet and creamy caphe sua made with condensed milk. 

There’s none of that Western-style grabbing your coffee and marching to the office for 8.59am – here in Vietnam, there’s dripping, chatting and watching the world go by. And what a world it is when Vietnamese coffee’s in it!

Egg coffee

Egg coffee Hanoi

Now here’s a drink that should make your Southeast Asia bucket list!


Westerners shudder. Health inspectors reel. Rose downs five.

Here I end any negatives insinuations about egg coffee. Tiramisu in a glass, friends! A former bartender of the Sofitel Hotel decided to open his own coffee shop in the wartime era when milk was sparse. It was an upgrade: sweet, creamy egg coffee is the biz.niss. He’s sadly passed away since but I know his kids’ cafes so let’s get you the best egg coffee in Hanoi, yes!?

For a fun activity led by locals, try a Hanoi egg coffee tour inc cyclo ride!

Coconut coffee

Coconut coffee Hanoi
Coconut coffee in Hanoi

For a drink with more intensity than chronic insomnia, try coconut coffee. It might be the best damn coffee in Hanoi if not our solar system!

Caffeine and sugar levels are through the roof when it comes to coconut coffee so keep it to the mornings, okay? Frozen coconut milk is mixed with rich black coffee and topped with shaved coconut ice. Who needs low cholesterol anyway?

Where to drink the best coffee in Hanoi

Okay, we all clued up on the types of Vietnamese coffee? If so, I’ll run through the best Hanoi cafes to visit.

Did you know there’s a coffee street in Hanoi? It sprung up after the War ended once people had time and money for socialising again. What an unimaginable feeling that must have been after years of rationing!

The name of the coffee street in Hanoi is Nguyen Huu Huan. For those wanting modern, Instagrammable cafes it’s probably not your hotspot. No problem, we’ll cover those places later. Still, I’d recommend Nguyen Huu Huan as a place to relax as the locals sip caphe sua. Grab a chair and join them, especially at Cafe Giang where the egg coffee son continues his father’s legacy.

The best cafes in Hanoi

Get ready for the list! These are all the spots I hung out during my 2018 trip. They’re some of the best Hanoi cafes for a mix of reasons: some are authentic pre-war family businesses with secret patented recipes; others are pink and begging to be live-streamed onto that app.

No judgement, friends, we have time and space for both!

Cafe Dinh (authentic egg coffee in Hanoi)

Egg coffee Cafe Dinh

Cafe Dinh is such a FIND. The owner was none other than the egg coffee inventor’s daughter. I far prefer this spot to the son’s cafe, especially as it’s nowhere near as busy.

How to find Hanoi’s Cafe Dinh

  • Find it along Đinh Tiên Hoàng, close to Hoan Kiem Lake. I’ve pinned it here but the outside just looks like a bag shop so you’ll need to look for this sign with green lettering reading ‘Cafe Dinh’.
  • Tang 2 means floor 2 so walk to the back and up the metal staircase which looks like you’re breaking and entering (and climbing a mild health and safety hazard).
  • Persevere ’til you find it – it’s truly one of the best cafes in Hanoi for an authentic experience!
Outside of Cafe Dinh
The best hidden cafe in Hanoi

Is it cowork friendly? The tables are low and I don’t think work is really the focus here.

Loading T (a beautiful setting)

Loading T Cafe Hanoi

This modern coffee shop is a Hanoi hidden gem, nestled inside a crumbling French mansion. It has to be one of the cutest and best cafes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter!

Loading T joins a collection of local businesses in this charismatic building. Mai and I sat outside during our coffee tour and looked down on the street, but if it’s a hot day I’d recommend sticking to the inside aircon. I tried the coconut coffee at Loading T and I can confirm it was a good one.

Is it cowork friendly? Yes. The inside room is airconned and hidden away from the busy street. I didn’t work here but it looked like a decent spot for it.

Loading T address: 8 Chân Cầm, Hàng Trống.

Hanoi Coffee Station

Another cute cafe not far from Cafe Dinh is Hanoi Coffee Station known for its traditional interior and modern brunch dishes (like avo toast and smoothie bowls). It’s inside a pretty yellow building with a shop below. The staircase to the upper floor is not at all glam but the characterful cafe itself is worth the climb.

There are cute coffee stencil art on the walls and a wonderful balcony with views of the city. They serve all your usual Italian coffees plus Vietnamese options like coconut and egg coffee and quirky specials like peanut butter coffee! I’m keen to try their pineapple and coffee espresso mix.

Floral & Book Cafe (a bit of everything)

Floral Book cafe

Coworking space? Check. Friendly cafe for catch-ups? Check? Bookworm paradise? Check.

What a gem! I’d never have known about Floral & Book Cafe if I hadn’t attended a painting class held inside (the story of my complete hopelessness at art is one for another day!). There’s a florist on floor one and a cafe upstairs with various rooms.

One room has cowork-friendly desks, while smaller private tables are hidden between book-laden shelves. It’s one of the best Hanoi cafes for its variety – you could come here for work, socialising or me-time/reading.

I was buzzed from two flat whites already that morning so had an avocado smoothie instead. Yum.

Is it cowork friendly? Yep! It’s busy but not too loud.

Floral Book Cafe address: 26 Hàng Vôi, Lý Thái Tổ.

Ca Phe Duy Tri (one of the Hanoi coffee originals)

Ca Phe Duy Tri

Some of the best coffee in Hanoi can be found at Ca Phe Duy Tri in Truc Bach. Operating since 1936, it’s one of the oldest cafes in Hanoi and has patented its 75-year-old coffee recipe. Nowadays, the same family serve caphe sua and yoghurt coffee, an unusual blend of caffeine and tangy yoghurt that I quite enjoyed.

It’s a real no-frills, traditional cafe that tells the tales of Hanoi’s past. Nothing on the menu costs more than 40k VND.

Is it cowork friendly? No. I guess 1930s-style doesn’t reaaally cater for that!

Cafe Duy Trí address: 43A Phố Yên Phụ.

Cafe Giang (famous egg coffee in Hanoi)

Cafe Giang Hanoi

While the first cafe in this blog was set up by the daughter of the egg coffee founder, this spot belongs to the son. It’s widely renowned as the best egg coffee in Hanoi though I preferred Cafe Dinh for its secret feel.

At Cafe Giang, I opted for the iced version of egg coffee and it was very sweet and easy to drink but I didn’t get the bitter strength of the hot variety. I’m not sure if this was due to my order or the cafe – maybe I should have stuck to the same drink to compare!

Famous egg coffee at Cafe Giant

Is it cowork friendly? No. It’s busy and noisy. Trying egg coffee is the focus so I’d say pop in then work elsewhere. It’s one of the best cafes in Hanoi to make friends due to the shared tables – I got chatting to two locals who gave me valuable Hanoi advice.

Cafe Giang address: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm.

Xofa Café & Bistro (the best coconut coffee in Hanoi)

Xofa Cafe Hanoi

At 70k VND for a coconut coffee, you’d hope it was the best coconut coffee in Hanoi, right? In contrast to some of the authentic, old-fashioned spots above, Cafe Xofa is a modern hang out perfect for socialising and working. There’s a chilled terrace area or an air conned interior with bookshelves, pianos and other quirky furnishings.

Is it cowork friendly? Yes, although the music and various groups meant I had to exercise more focus than at other places. On your left as you enter is a comfy desk and bookshelf which put me in work mode. There’s also a spacious room upstairs at the back which is quieter.

Xofa Café & Bistro address: 14 Tống Duy Tân, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm.

Hanoi Social (also beautiful brunches!)

Brunch Hanoi Social

Love me a bit of Hanoi Social! It may be a Western joint but the low-lit interior and classic details catapult you back to wartime Hanoi. It’s one of the best cafes in Hanoi for your basic but oh-so-necessary flat white fix. You can’t beat it.

Is it cowork friendly? In the afternoon or morning, yes but around lunch it’s quite loud and busy.

Hanoi Social address: 6 Ngõ Hội Vũ, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm.

Eden Coffee (Instagram fave)

Eden Coffee
The most colourful cafe in Hanoi

Hello, Rose’s future dream home! Cafe Eden is surely the best cafe in Hanoi for blowing up your Instagram, am I right? There are various floors all more fabulous than the last. The waiter even said to me as I took photos on floor one, ”you should probably go upstairs and see the balcony.” He knew my game!

It was a day where I’d already ODD-ed on caffeine so I went for a virgin Mojito at Cafe Eden. Bliss.

Mural outside Cafe Eden

Is it cowork friendly? Not massively. The music was too loud in the main cafe so I went into the quieter room with the elephant on the wall. Here there were no regular tables just floor cushions so it wasn’t very comfortable to sit with a laptop.

Finding Cafe Eden: Head to 2 Nhà Thờ, Hàng Trống. It’s a bit confusing if you follow Google Maps. Instead, stand in front of St. Joseph’s Cathedral so that you’re facing it, then find Cafe Eden hidden in the top left corner.

Tranquil Books and Coffee (best co-working cafe in Hanoi)

Tranquil Books and Coffee Hanoi

After Cafe Eden, this spot may seem dull to some. The vibe at Tranquil Books is erm… tranquil and full books! It’s also a strong competitor for the best coffee in Hanoi and an overall dream for those working.

As well as Western-style coffees, they serve a solid variety of Vietnamese ones. There’s something for everyone, apart from those who want to laugh or shout loudly and get shunned from this peaceful oasis…

Is it cowork friendly? Absolutely!

Tranquil Books and Coffee: 5 Nguyễn Quang Bích.

Maison de Tet (most healthy + beautiful cafe in Hanoi)

Maison de Tet Cafe Hanoi

Hi paradise! Like Loading T, this spot is a repurposed French mansion with loads of space and gorgeous views over Westlake.

The vibe here is chilled and ornate, a totally peaceful alternative to the busy scooter-lined streets outside. The menu is a good balance of healthy bowls (with falafel, avocado etc), Western brunches and upmarket Vietnamese dishes.

You can’t deny Maison de Tet is expensive: I paid 70k VND for an iced flat white and 180k for eggs benedict. Saying that, it’s no more pricey than Xofa (mentioned above) and far more of an experience.

View from Maison de Tet Coffee Shop Hanoi

Is it cowork friendly? Yes. There were plenty of groups here but with so much space no one really bothered me. The playlist was full of slow numbers including Easy Like Sunday Morning – so chill.

Maison de Tet Decor: 26 Phố Quảng Bá, Quảng An.

Bluebird’s Nest (another co-working fave)

Bluebird's Nest Cafe Hanoi

With a similar vibe to Tranquil Books, this cafe is even cosier and better for me-time or coworking. Even if you just fancy a read, I’d imagine the shelves are full of knowledge and entertainment at Bluebird’s Nest. Cat lovers should keep an eye out for the friendly (if slightly scruffy) felines lounging in paper trays and sleeping in patches of sunlight.

Tổ Chim Xanh – Bluebirds’ Nest address: 19 Đặng Dung, Quán Thánh.

Cong Caphe (Hanoi’s famous cafe franchise)

Cong Cape Hanoi

Leaving the subject of small one-off cafes far behind, enter Cong Caphe. This Communist-chic coffee chain is awash with military details and found all over Hanoi.

While everyone has heard of Cong Caphe nowadays, five years ago there were just two branches and it was relatively underground. It was briefly shut down because they printed their menus on Lenin’s texts and were accused of mocking the revolutionary leaders.

Not long later they were back, having rebranded enough to be deemed appropriate. I’m glad they did because they serve some of the best coffee in Hanoi – the iced coconut variety is to die for!

The interior alone a reason to visit Cong Caphe. It’s quirky and tells the story of days gone by. Check out these Hanoi cafe branches:

Is it cowork friendly? If you don’t visit a busy Old Quarter branch, then yes.

Note Coffee (fave Instagram cafe in Hanoi)

Note Coffee Hanoi

Note Coffee is not a traditional purveyor of recipes handed down through the ages. But when Instagrammable locations are concerned, who cares?

This colourful corner beside Hoan Kiem Lake was undoubtedly made with social media in mind. Every inch is packed with colourful, heart-shaped Post-its featuring inspirational messages and hellos from past guests. It’s also one of the best cafes in Hanoi for views over the street and Hoan Kiem Lake.

Cowork friendly? Not really. Too many excited guests posing!

Note Coffee Hanoi address: 64 Lương Văn Can, Hàng Trống.

Other Hanoi cafes I didn’t make it to

I have a few other Hanoi cafes pinned that I’ll definitely check out next time I’m in town. These include:

Cafe Nola: Closeby to Hanoi Bia Hoi Corner, you probably won’t have noticed by tiny hidden coffee shop. But it’s cosy and intimate with the feel of being inside a local’s house. They also serve a coffee cocktail which is a serious reason to visit.

Baked by Julie: I can’t personally vouch for the quality of this cafe but I can assure you the exterior and interior are total Insta goals. The pink flower-laden outside of the cafe may draw you in and you won’t be disappointed because it looks just as adorable inside. Julie serves photo-perfect coffees and equally aesthetically pleasing baked goods.

Serein Cafe: With rooftop views out over Long Bein Bridge, this spot is a little different to the other Hanoi cafes. You can sit on the balcony with a coffee and watch sunrise over the river. They serve cocktails as well as tea and coffee so I’ll definitely be visiting next time.

Hanoi House Cafe & Cocktail Bar – coffee and cocktails, what more could you want? If it’s views from the balcony, then this spot ticks all the boxes.

Circle Coffee Bar – this cafe is another aesthetic drea serving both cocktails and coffee! It’s a hidden gem tucked away regular live music.

Tranquil Artisan Coffee – with excellent coffee, delicious baked goods and fresh dishes like salads and shakshuka, this is a fantastic place to socialise and enjoy a little me-time.

Told you it was a long guide didn’t I?

I hope you’re feeling clued up on the best coffee in Hanoi and which cafes to sample it at. There are a million and one other Hanoi coffee shops not mentioned here so I’ll just have to plan my fourth trip to try them all!

Thanks for reading my Hanoi cafe guide

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See you next time for more adventures,


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