Hostel Review: Hom Cooking Hostel, Bangkok

Hom Cooking Hostel review

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During my recent trip to Bangkok, I was lucky enough to be hosted at a very cool and unusual hostel.

I’d never stay in (or even heard of) a cooking hostel before but I’m now going to keep an eye out for others around the globe. Such a good idea! I love taking cooking classes in Asia anyway, so it was extra convenient that I didn’t even have to leave my hostel, and I got a free dinner each night. As hostels go, this is definitely goals.

Introducing Hom Cooking Hostel

Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of total diversity: skyscrapers, green open spaces, local culture, modern amenities. It only makes sense that the hostel scene is as varied!

Of all the ones I’ve stayed in (which is a good handful), Hom Cooking has not only the best concept, but the cleanest and comfiest feel.

Every evening at 6.30pm, dinner is served in the form of a cooking demonstration. And you won’t get bored eating the same thing twice! During my stay, we prepared some tasty tourist favourites like pad Thai and pad see ew, as well as some more local dishes like sataw, a southern stir-fry.

It was great chatting to the chefs and learning a little more about Thailand and its irresistible cuisine. Everything was so tasty!

Little touches

Nail varnish Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok
Postcards Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok

The other thing I loved about Hom Cooking Hostel was the little touches, from a nail varnish pampering station to a postcard delivery service and a well-stocked tea and snack supply. At most Bangkok hostels you’d be lucky to get breakfast!

Speaking of which, Hom Cooking Hostel puts on a good spread. Each morning, there are trays of toast, fruit, and savoury Thai food if you’re feeling adventurous. Oh, and coffee because what morning would be complete without coffee?

Social area Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok

As a co-worker, it was really useful to have an air-con desk room (which was always nice and quiet) with strong Wi-Fi.

There’s also an enormous rooftop garden, complete with paddling pool and urban murals. Just what you need on a hot summer’s day (AKA every single day between April and August).

Garden Hom Cooking Hostel
Paddling pool Bangkok Hom Cooking Hostel

Location + how to find the hostel

Hom Cooking Hostel is on the top floor of Nana Square shopping centre on the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Soi Sukhumvit 3. I couldn’t find it when I first arrived, but then I noticed a sign directing me to floor 4 of the mall.

So I jumped in the lift and the doors opened onto Hom Cooking’s private floor. Very cool!

During the daytime, you can use the front entrance of the mall but between 10pm and 10am, you need to enter and exit through the car park at the back.

The area of Nana is yet more evidence of the diversity of Bangkok. Across the road, Sukhumvit 4 is one of Bangkok’s prime party streets, with sports bars and clubs serving beers and cocktails ’til the small hours (don’t worry, you can’t hear it from the hostel!).

This wasn’t my favourite part of Bangkok – I preferred the Little Middle East I found in the opposite direction. Here, cafes serve hummus and falafel, something I didn’t know was popular in Thailand!

The rooms

Bunk Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok

Hom Cooking Hostel has a mix of private and dorm rooms. I stayed in the 6 bed female dorm which was very spacious with plenty of luggage room. My pet peeve in a dorm is when it’s tightly-packed and you’re squeezing round people to find your things. Maybe that’s okay on a short trip but I can’t be dealing with it long-term!

Anyway, I had more than enough space at Hom Cooking Hostel. The best bit was how deep and soft the mattresses were. I slept so well.

Daily cooking demos

I joined in three cooking demos during my stay. We made pad see ew (thick noodles in soy sauce with chicken and greens) the first night, a southern stir-fry called sataw the second night, and everyone’s favourite, pad Thai, on the final night.

Everything was so fresh and tasty, just like the best Thai food.

Pad see ew Hom Cooking Hostel
Night one: pad see ew
Stir fry Hom Cooking Hostel
Night two: sataw (southern stir-fry)
Chef Hom Cooking Hostel Bangkok

If you’re headed to Bangkok, you can book to stay at Hom Cooking Hostel here.

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During my time in Bangkok, I was hosted by Hom Cooking Hostel, however all opinions are my own.

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