Month 20 Travel Round-Up (Jan ‘20): Sickness​ & Birthdays

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January was honestly a bit of a shitter.

Everyone in Mexico City was sick and I mean everyone. Including me. This wouldn’t have been ideal at any time but it coincided with my birthday which I ended up spending in bed.

BTW – I started this series when I began working online and travelling full-time in May 2018. Read my other monthly round-ups here.

It wasn’t a normal cold but a kind of flu thing which fully wiped me out for 10 days with my birthday bang in the middle. I spent the second half of January catching up on work that I hadn’t been able to do whilst ill.

I’d been looking forward to my birthday as my friend, April, had planned a fun trip out to a nearby town called Taxco. But I was in no way well enough to go.

Luckily, another couple of my friends were free to take me for cake. That saved the day.

Birthday break from my sick bed

I also managed to lose my bank card in a club this month and lock my pins for my backup card. This was really annoying and stressful as I couldn’t access my money and it’s so difficult to sort things out with banks from overseas.

At least I had endless Mexican food to see me through this month!

Mexico City tacos

What’s next?

After a dull January, I have a fun February coming up. I’m away with friends the next 2 weekends, heading to a town named Tepoztlan on the 1st, then Queretaro City and wine region on the 8th.

Unlike the last year and a half where I’ve been on the go a lot more, I’m really enjoying having a base and social group around me. I like having weekends away to plan and look forward to then be able to get my work done from Mexico City cafes during the week. I wouldn’t want to stay in one place forever (and I’m excited to see Central America in a few months) but I’m feeling very happy and content here for now.

In the later half of February I’m also planning to visit a new country I’ve been been dying to go to for ages. I’m yet to actually book anything being the last-minute queen I am. I’ll keep you posted in next month’s round-up!

Best meal in January

Last weekend my friends and I checked out a new brunch place in the Juárez area of Mexico City called El 123. I had chicken teriyaki chilaquiles (which are tortilla chips with toppings), a fusion Asian-Mexican dish which I’m pretty sure is unique to this restaurant. If you know me, a dish that combines Asian and Mexican food is bliss!

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