Why Ngoc Ha Should Be On Your Radar When Visiting Hanoi

Ngoc Ha Hanoi

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Of all the places that I visited in Hanoi there’s one that really stood out: Ngoc Ha neighbourhood.

Well, there’s really more than one but I wouldn’t be able to mention them all in one blog post, although I gave it a good go in my complete Hanoi itinerary.


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Much like my visit to charming Hanoi neighbourhood Truc Bach, I fell in love with pretty Ngoc Ha, Hanoi. This sleepy neighbourhood in Vietnam‘s capital doesn’t receive many foreign visitors but it should.

There‘s no lengthy list of things to see and do but it’s one of Hanoi’s nicest areas to wander. Each long, thin house is different to the one before, many in wonderful pastel shades and set around peaceful bodies of water. Gorgeous temples are reflected in the lily pad-laden ponds while locals stroll past in rice hats, shading themselves from the hot Hanoi sun.

Granted, sleepy Ngoc Ha doesn’t make it into many travellers’ 2 week Vietnam itinerary but I think it really should!

Visiting Ngoc Ha Hanoi

Where is Ngoc Ha in Hanoi?

Ngoc Ha neighbourhood can be found around the back of Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. For an exact location, put Dinh Ngoc Ha into Google Maps or follow this link.

Like everywhere in Hanoi, it’s easy to reach by Grab car or scooter. A ride on the latter will cost you mere pennies or cents from wherever you are in the city.

A little history of Ngoc Ha, Hanoi

To paraphrase the long history of this gorgeous area:

  • Ngoc Ha is one of the oldest areas of Hanoi, dating back over 1,000 years
  • In the olden days of Hanoi, the city was made of artisan guilds each famous for a different handicraft. Ngoc Ha was a flower village where people grew bonsai trees in their individual plots of land and sold them to make a living.
  • As Hanoi grew, the area of Ngoc Ha managed to keep its garden plots, making it one of the greenest areas of the city today!

Start at Dinh Ngoc Ha Temple…

Start your visit to Ngoc Ha by finding the gorgeous Dinh Ngoc Ha. This Buddhist temple is set around a lake with a pretty bridge connecting it. Lilypads bob in the water and pink flower lanterns hang from the trees. As well as being totally lovely, it’s usually pretty quiet. You’ll hardly believe you’re in one of the busiest cities in Asia!

Bridge in Ngoc Ha Hanoi

More photos from my visit to Ngoc Ha Hanoi…

When you’ve explored the temple and lake area, wander through the covered market streets…

Ngoc Ha Hanoi travel guide
Travel guide Ngoc Ha Hanoi

I hope my quick guide and photo blog inspires you to visit Ngoc Ha while you’re in Hanoi. My visit cost me nothing, apart from a few thousand VND for a whole fresh jackfruit. For a totally different – and much more peaceful – side to Hanoi, don’t miss this perfect old-fashioned neighbourhood!

Thanks for reading my Ngoc Ha guide!

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Ngoc Ha Hanoi guide

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1 thoughts on “Why Ngoc Ha Should Be On Your Radar When Visiting Hanoi

  1. rona says:

    I also found out about Ngoc Ha through Emily’s blog 🙂
    My itinerary was not so organized when I went there and got lost in the maze of small alleyways. I actually gave up using google maps since my data connection was not so good. But then I just continued to walk and walk until I stumbled upon the small historical lake (where a war plane landed after being shot) and charming pagodas nearby 🙂
    I was not able to visit the temple you mentioned above but I’m hoping to come back again and visit it.

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