Welcome to my website!

What can you expect to find here?

Where Goes Rose? is a website dedicated to solo travel, encouraging women to step outside of their comfort zone and equipping them with confidence and know-how to do so.

I wish I’d had a friendly and encouraging set of resources to guide me when I quit my 9-5 to see the world. I now create these to show others that solo travel IS attainable and enjoyable.

Since I travel on a budget, I also share my spending guides and backpacking advice here.

To learn more about me, check out my About Me page.

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What won’t you find here?

Where Goes Rose is a not a luxury travel blog. If you’re looking for advice on luxury resorts in the Maldives and 5* restaurants, sorry! We’re not a match.

Blogging and nomad resources

In recent years, I’ve built up my blog and turned it from a hobby to a career. To help others to the same, I’ve started putting together my top blogging resources.

Since I’ve spent several years working remotely on the road, I have plenty of remote working tips and destination-specific digital nomad guides.

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Guess what? It’s not just you and me on this wild travel ride.

I run two interview series on this blog, one with solo travellers and one with budget-minded travellers working overseas.

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What else?

This website is also about culture and food around the world. My motivation to travel resolves around discovering new places and learning about the people who live there. Real food eaten by the locals is such a big part of that.

I’m also a bit obsessed with cities, street art and discovering hidden gems. Browse by category:


Born in Oxford, I have many blogs about the UK and Europe. Since it was Southeast Asia that captivated me and sparked my love of travel, you’ll find plenty about this warm and culturally-rich region.

I also have lots of guides from my trip to South Africa and plenty more from my recent adventures living in Mexico. The below are some of my popular categories that I’d love to point you towards.

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Other top destinations

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