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Month 16 Travel Round-Up (Sept ‘19): Prepping for Latin America!

Since I started travelling full-time last May, this is the only month I haven’t actually [...]

Month 15 Round-Up (Aug ’19): Crater Lakes & Carnivals

Hello lovely friends and readers. It’s month 15 and summer in England is gorgeous. For [...]

Month 14 Round-Up (July ’19): Eastern Europe Adventures Begin

Wow, how is this my 14th month away? It genuinely feels like yesterday that I [...]

Month 13 Round-Up (June ’19): Korea, Kimchi + the 11th Worst Hangover Ever

‘‘This is the 11th worst hangover I have ever had’’ said Corinne as we boarded [...]

Month 12 Round-Up (May ’19): Taiwan, Temples and Stinky Tofu

Hello and welcome to my month 12 round-up which means I’ve been on the road [...]

Month 10 Round-Up (March ’19): Surviving India

I think I tempted fate by ending my February round-up like this:

Month 9 Round-Up (Feb ‘19): Diving Into India

There’s one main thing to announce in this update – I’m in India!

Month 7 Round-Up (December ‘18): Xmas At Home!

Well what can you really say about a month where you spent most of it [...]