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Why Namibia is Like Nowhere Else on Earth

I visited Nambia in February 2017 on an overlanding trip across Africa. It was one [...]


Africa Overlanding: Dune 45, Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon in Namibia

Namibia part four… I can’t believe this is my fourth blog post about Namibia – even [...]


Africa Overlanding: Adrenaline Activities in the Namib Desert

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Africa Overlanding: Damaraland, Rock Carvings and Sunsets in Namibia

Namibia part two… By the time my fourth day in Namibia rolled around, I was [...]

Africa Overlanding: Arriving in Namibia and Spying Rhinos in Etosha

Namibia part one… Up until Namibia, Tanzania had been my favourite country on our overlanding [...]

Following My Family’s Footprints Across Africa

There’s an incredible travel story in my family and it ties in well with my [...]