24 Best Restaurants in Canggu, Bali For Every Type of Food

Canggu food

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How in God’s name did I make it to 24 Canggu restaurants in two weeks? Probably because I made it my mission to find the best food in Canggu, a task I set myself most places! 

I also blame the Canggu food scene which is just too tempting. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to eat in Canggu including vegan food, brunch, Indonesian, Western and more!


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Where to eat in Canggu

When deciding where to eat in Canggu I’d urge you to seek out local Indonesian food. Not only is it great for keeping the costs down, but it’s authentic and delicious. However, there’s also international cuisine and some excellent brunch options in Canggu.

The coffee and cake scene is also strong, something that’s important to me anywhere I go. Winning all round, right?

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How much does eating out cost in Canggu? Anywhere between $1 and like $20. The price range of restaurants in Canggu is really wide, even within the same category of food. Take brunch for example. I had some bargain brunches with luxurious ingredients for 40,000 IDR, while other cafes around the corner charge the same for a side dish (*cough cough* Cafe Vida).

The best food in Canggu isn’t necessarily the most expensive so if you follow this guide, I’ll tell you where to eat in Canggu for all budgets.

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Best food in Canggu – breakfast and brunch


Fruit pancakes and coffee at Canteen

My favourite brunch restaurant in Canggu is Canteen. This surf-themed spot serves delicious food in non-pretentious surroundings. The crowd is more beachy than ‘man bun’ and it’s a bit cheaper than some other Canggu restaurants.

Most of the mains are 40,000-80,000 IDR but the best value option is a set breakfast deal. I paid 60,000 IDR ($4) for a flat white, fruit bowl and banana pancakes. The pancakes were delicious, drizzled in sweet coconut milk that I could happily drink.

Canteen also serve lunch in the form of giant salads and burgers (veggie, chicken and beef), some in Instagrammable charcoal buns.

Canteen is closed in the evenings.

Avocado Factory

Avocado Factory burger Canggu restaurant

Did you hear that right? A whole factory of avocados! Millennial dreams really do come true. As well as your usual avocado and toast dishes, this Canggu restaurant serve avocado tacos and the most glorious burgers in existence.

I had a burger with sliced avocado, breadcrumb avocado patties, bacon and a side of purple potato crisps with avocado dip. Definitely one of the best brunches in Canggu!

Avocado Factory

The Avocado Factory is set beside the rice fields with dreamy views and a relaxed, open-plan feel. My burger and coffee came to 120,000 IDR ($8) towards the higher end of Canggu cafe prices.

Hungry Bird

Veggie cooked breakfast at Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird is a real find. As well as doubling up as a great co-working space, they serve tasty balanced meals for bargain prices compared to many other Canggu cafes.

My veggie breakfast with eggs, toast, asparagus, spinach, roasted purple potatoes and grilled tomatoes was only 44,000 IDR (and they don’t charge tax). Nothing else to add – just fantastic!


Smoothie bowl and coffee at Tropical

Places that serve a bit of everything sometimes don’t do any of it well, but this Canggu restaurant is an exception. I only tried the smoothie bowls and coffee at Tropikale but the Indonesian, Italian, meat and seafood dishes look fresh and tasty, too.

It’s probably a good contender for my healthy food section below because the vegan bowls packed with sweet potato, avocado and butternut squash would likely banish any cold or hangover.

The smoothie bowls were 60,000 IDR and coffees a further 30,000.

Eden Cafe

Poached eggs at Eden Cafe Canggu restaurant

Eden Cafe is one of Canggu’s most affordable brunch spots. The breakfast deals (served ‘til 12pm) come with tea and start at 40,000 IDR. Although they were out of black tea and who wants to start their day with green tea? Not I.

Anyway, I loved the poached eggs with hollandaise, pesto, spinach and a side of asparagus and mini hash browns… Worth it for 50,000 with or without tea.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to work in Canggu, Eden is a great option. Unlike some Canggu cafes in the centre of town, it’s usually quiet. It may not be in the heart of Canggu but it’s only a short drive or walk away.


Sprout cafe

I thought I’d mix it up from the usual smoothie bowls and avocados with a brunch baguette at Sprout. The smoky parma ham, feta, pine nuts and button mushrooms definitely made it worth it!

As well as being a beautiful cafe with a giant hummingbird wall mural, Sprout could probably fit in all the other categories below – they serve great coffee and cakes as well as healthy food (check out the salads and nourishing bowls). Win win win. It’s also a good co-working cafe in Canggu.

Cafe Vida

Smoothie bowl at Cafe Vida

I almost didn’t include Cafe Vida as they rudely ushered me out for working with my laptop less than an hour after I’d bought their overpriced food and drink. I get it – not every cafe wants to be a co-working space but it was annoying for me.

Anyway, their smoothie bowls are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen so you might want to check it out. If you take a social (or solo) visit rather a working one, you’ll have no trouble.

I would add that the smoothie bowls look nicer than they taste. It wasn’t the sweetest and it didn’t have much granola or sustenance. However, I did like the interior of the cafe, which was Balinese rather than modern. Smoothie bowls went up to 94,000 IDR, even more expensive than The Loft. Not the best restaurant in Canggu for me but others might like it.

Cafe Surf Side

Shakshuka at Cafe Surf Side

One afternoon Josh grabbed a portion of shakshuka at Cafe Surf Side. This spot isn’t as famed as some other best Canggu restaurants but they serve tasty, cheap mains.

The shakshuka was 40,000, the same price as my side of halloumi at The Loft! I also liked the chilled garden setting.

Healthy best food in Canggu

Where to eat in Canggu if you need some nourishment? Some of the best food in Canggu is actually the healthiest. This isn’t the way around the world but it is in Bali! The best healthy restaurants in Canggu include…

Machinery Cafe Bali

Tempeh bowl at Machinery Cafe

While I liked the other healthy meals in this blog, I often still feel hungry after cold salads. Machinery Cafe is one of best healthy restaurants in Canggu because their food feels like a guilt-free fry up!

My hot healthy bowl with honey-glazed tempeh came on a bed of baked beans, spinach, goji berries, cucumber and cooked mushroom and tomato. They also give you a free portion of watermelon.

The Shady Shack

Tempeh salad Shady Shack where to eat canggu bali

I see a pattern emerging – I only order salad when tempeh is involved!

The Shady Shack is a set in a relaxed garden setting with some cool interior design. They serve healthy but tasty vegetarian food including salad bowls, smoothie bowls, creative burgers (pulled jackfruit, halloumi etc) and copious egg and avocado brunch dishes. In the evening it stays open as a chilled dinner spot.

Matcha and chai lattes at Shady Shack

Shady Shack also have an extensive smoothie, juice and coffee menu. The matcha latte was great and I loved the little details like the pink mugs and flower decorations.

Betelnut Cafe

A tempeh-free healthy meal – it is possible! 

Betelnut Cafe serve some of the best healthy food in Canggu, probably because they started the whole movement. Apparently, it was one of the first healthy cafes to open when Canggu was still sleepy and undiscovered… Something I can’t imagine now! The concept kicked off and spread around the rest of town.

Salad bowl at Betelnut Cafe

I had the Bali Salad which was fresh, healthy and topped with lilit sticks, crackers and coconut turmeric dressing. With brown rice underneath, it was more filling than the bowl at the Shady Shack. I was eyeing-up another customer’s fresh summer rolls which looked amazing.

As well as various other salad varieties, Betelnut serve smoothie bowls, fresh juice and healthy burgers: all the Canguu staples. They also use plastic-free straws which look and feel exactly like the real thing. Why can’t all restaurants do this?

Vegan best food in Canggu

I’m not sure this section is necessary since everything (minus the lilit sticks at Betelnut) in the healthy section above is vegan. However, there are a couple of solely plant-powered restaurants in Canggu worth a mention…

Oma Jamu

Healthy food Oma Jamu restaurant Canggu

The old Rose would have laughed all the way down the street at the idea of vegan, macrobiotic food being tasty. The current Rose still wouldn’t want it for every meal but damnnn, this particular dish was delicious! (I still don’t understand what macrobiotic means and this might never change).

Oma Jamu offer a changing daily buffet which is a total bargain: seven dishes and rice for 40,000 IDR (around $2.50). I went with tempeh rendang, garlic mushrooms, falafel, roast potatoes and green veg with coconut. The buffet starts at lunch and continues ’til closing at 8pm.

There’s a regular menu too with vegan Indonesian dishes, brunches, burgers and smoothies.

Peleton Superstore

Peleton Superstore crops up whenever the best food in Canggu is mentioned. It’s actually the only listing in this Canggu food guide I’ve not personally been to, but 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor and about a million tags on Instagram says a lot!

It’s a fully plant-powered restaurant with options including brunch, tacos, burgers, salads and sharing plates. Just looking at the menu makes me happy for vegans who’ve suffered years of limited options. Eat your heart out, babes.

Coffee and cake in Canggu

Next up in my Canggu food guide, it’s time for caffeine and treats…

Matcha Cafe Bali

Matcha cake and coffee at Matcha Cafe

As soon as I found out Canggu had a matcha cafe, I knew I had to go. As well as flavoured lattes, they serve iced drinks including a giant matcha and chocolate milkshake which Josh had, and themed desserts like cheesecakes and doughnuts.

The peaceful location is out in the rice fields and you shouldn’t miss the chance to pose with the ‘I love you so matcha’ sign. Prices were average – around 30,000 IDR for coffee and 50,000 for cakes.

Oka’s Bakery & Cafe

Bliss ball at Oka Bakery

For cheesecakes, bliss balls, and cheap and cheerful baked goods (starting at 10,000 IDR), your sweet tooth will be happy at Oka’s Bakery & Cafe. The airy cafe upstairs has big tables, comfy sofas and a long bench that would have made my co-working guide had the music not been so loud.

While I’ve only visited for coffee and cake (well, a chocolate and coconut ‘snowball’ bliss ball to be precise), I spied someone eating an amazing-looking charcoal burger bun. Also, the smoothie bowls on Instagram look like some of the most impressive I’ve seen in Canggu – so much fruit!

At 59

Pink banana dessert At 59 Cafe

How amazing is this dessert above? I found At 59 by wandering past and I’m so glad I did. I ended up going back every day! It’s all set around a garden and, although there’s no aircon, it feels light and breezy with lots of fans.

They serve brunch and lunch (for very reasonable prices) but I only sampled the coffee and dessert. The ‘Pink Panther’ is made with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and slices of banana wrapped in pink pancake. It looked so indulgent and Instagrammable that I had to have it for the sake of my Canggu food guide of course 😉

Colourful cafe

Indonesian best food in Canggu

Don’t think overpriced smoothie bowls are your only option for eating in Bali – some of the best food in Canggu is super cheap and authentic. While most Western-style restaurants charge a pesky 15% tax on top of your meal, the street buffets and local warungs don’t.

In addition, the best Balinese dishes usually cost a quarter of the price and you’re set for a tasty and affordable meal. Next in my Canggu food guide…

Warung Bu Mi

Some of the best Indonesian food in Canggu is served at Warung Bu Mi. Being ‘discovered’ doesn’t change anything: it’s cheap, filling and tasty, just like the best Balinese food. A giant plate set me back 25,000 IDR (not even $2).

It’s always busy with tourists so I’d still recommend you check out a real local option too. I’ll get to that…

Warung Sika

Chicken dinner at Warung Sika

At this local Canggu restaurant popular with tourists, you can order off the menu or point at what you want from the buffet. I did the latter and ended up with a basket of rice, bbq chicken, fried chicken, omelette and greens for 29,000.

Warung Sika is best as a lunch spot – it closes at 8pm and by 6pm the buffet was winding down.

Warung Sedap Dadong Jegeg

Indonesian food at Warung Sedap Dadong Jegeg Canggu restaurant

This warung was across the road from my Airbnb and even though I often visited for convenience, the food was incredible. It’s one of the most authentic Indonesian restaurants in Canggu and I say that after having tried many!

Don’t expect any frills here but do expect a hearty meal for $1 including a fresh fruit juice. I love the ever-changing mains like jackfruit curry and the regular dishes like chicken wings, tempeh, peanuts and greens.

It’s on the corner of local Jl. Raya Canggu and touristic Pantai Batu Bolong. Some of the best local food in Canggu for sure!

Other cuisines in Canggu

If you’re bored of Indonesian or brunch and wondering where to eat in Canggu, there are plenty of other options. I’ve even seen Peruvian and Tahitian food. These are some of the best restaurants in Canggu serving international fare…

Roti Canai Street Kitchen (Indian)

Indian food at Roti Canal Street Kitchen

For a meal that’s cheap, cheerful and filling, get down to Roti Canai Street Kitchen. It’s a much-needed antidote to delicate smoothie bowls and healthy salads! For 18,000-35,000 IDR, you can get a sweet or savoury Indian roti with a wide range of fillings.

Why I went for tomato, mozzarella and herb, I don’t know. I don’t even really like tomatoes or herbs (obvs swayed by cheese). Major of envy of the guy next to me having a chicken curry one. Just get that, okay?

Roti Canai is connected to Poke Poke Canggu which serve fresh, flavoursome Hawaiian poke bowls. I didn’t get around to trying them but they look great.

Peekaboo (Western & Asian)

I didn’t see any other Canggu food guides mentioning Peekaboo but I found it while wandering and enjoyed my meal. The interior is so cool: street art, flowers hanging from the ceiling, a neon ‘don’t kill my vibe’ sign and a red English phone box.

The brunch menu is neverending but in the evening they just serve salads, burgers/steaks and sharers which you can order like tapas. My cheesy, meaty burger was the boss, as were the mini Vietnamese banh mis we had to start. The vegan options are plentiful with their own section on the menu.

La Baracca (Italian)

Pizza at La Baracca Italian

I’ve yet to eat at the Canggu branch of La Baracca but I did dine at the Uluwatu one and it was mind-blowing.

You don’t usually expect great Italian food in Southeast Asia, or if you do it’s usually expensive due to the imported costs of cheese. Bali is something else, however, and La Baracca boast a wide range of ingredients from smoked meats to cheeses that would be at home in Naples or Florence.

While the Uluwatu branch was low-lit and intimate, the Canggu one is a bit funkier with views of the rice fields.

Santorini Greek Restaurant (Greek… duh!)

Greek food at Santorini Restaurant canggu

Greek food in Bali? Why not friends, why not? We stayed in a hostel by Echo Beach that required walking through Santorini Greek Restaurant to reach. That much souvlaki wafting under our noses was impossible to ignore.

The mixed grill was mouth-watering and I’ve half a mind to fly back to Canggu for another slice of sweet, sticky baklava…

Wow – 24 meals to keep you busy! I hope you have a better idea of where to eat in Canggu. I don’t expect you to make it through all these options, but let me know if you do! Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for reading about the best food in Canggu!

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