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Hello! Welcome to Where Goes Rose?, a colourful, cultural UK travel blog with a focus on solo female travel.

Why work with Where Goes Rose?

With a monthly audience of 300k+ readers, Where Goes Rose? can help you reach new customers and promote your brand or destination by blog, social media and video.

Who are my audience?

My readers and followers are predominantly from the UK and US and aged 25-45.

They are adventurous, independent and aways looking for new destinations and ways to travel smarter, better and longer.

After following my adventures from Malaysia to Mexico and Bulgaria to Botswana, my engaged audience trust that I only work with brands that align with my values. 

Who am I?

As well as being the voice behind this website, I have a background in social media and digital marketing. Before becoming a travel blogger, I worked for 5 years in online content creation in London and Oxford.  

Brand partnerships

Where Goes Rose? has enjoyed mutually beneficial partnerships with brands, tourism boards and hotels. I am always keen to join forces with brands that align with my values.

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Quick stats


  • DA: 35
  • 200k+ unique monthly page views
  • 90k+ unique monthly sessions

Social media:

  • 15k followers across social channels
  • 12k followers on Instagram (average of 1k views per story)
Should you quit job become digital nomad

How can we work together?

  • Sponsored blog content
  • Press trips and FAM trips
  • Social media content and campaigns
  • Social media takeovers
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Product reviews.

Brand testimonials

“We were delighted to collaborate with Rose. Thank you, Rose, for your professionalism” – Aura Cocina Mexicana

”It was an absolute pleasure to host Rose on our tour because she was delightful company and already had impressive knowledge of our food culture. The content she produced was extremely on point, well researched, creative and fun. Also, she very fast to publish it!” – Joana, Taste Porto

Reader testimonials

‘‘I’m continually checking Rose’s to help me plan my year in Asia. Good humour and can’t beat it!’’ – Emma, Instagram

‘‘‘Rose’s blog is fantastic for new destination inspo and a fresh, realistic take on travel’’ – Jessica, Instagram

‘‘‘We based most of our Vietnam trip on Rose’s blog and tips!’’ – Tanja, Instagram

‘‘Rose’s blog was my bible when I went to Malaysia! Great tips for where to go and how to save money’’ – Emily, Instagram.

Get in touch

I am always open to new ways in which we could collaborate. Email me at wheregoesrose [at] gmail [dot] com or fill out the form below. I’ll get right back to you.

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