Where to Find Street Art in Singapore

Singapore street art

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Another day, another city, another excited Rose looking for street art! I was so looking forward to finding street art in Singapore.

I had just three nights in town and managed to pack in many of the best Singapore activities. It’s a city with many different faces: glamorous and upmarket in the Core, local and ethnic in Chinatown and Little India, and colourful and hipster in various places!

You’ll find that much of the street art in Singapore is condensed into certain neighbourhoods, as well as stand-alone pieces dotted around.

I hope you enjoy my Singapore street art guide!


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Singapore street art in Little India

If ever there was a bright and bold canvas perfect for street art in Singapore, it was Little India. This whole area is a playground for the senses with bright colours splattered on the buildings, aromatic food bubbling at the food stands, and chattering groups enjoying the neighbourhood.

The Singapore street art is really easy to find and you won’t be able to avoid stumbling upon it.

Kerbau Road

Cow street art Kerbau Road Singapore
67 Kerbau Road

Kerbau means buffalo in Malay which is the meaning behind this colourful art piece on Kerbau Road. As you may know, cows are considered sacred in Hinduism and this piece links to the religion with lots of Indian-inspired patterns.

Racecourse Road

Racecourse Road mural

Is it obvious what used to lie on Racecourse Road? If the name isn’t enough of a clue, this Singapore street art showing a horse and jockey will probably give the game away!

Baboo Lane

Street art Singapore Baboo Lane

Find this striking piece of Singapore street art at the corner of Baboo Lane and Serangoon Road. The other half of the image shows how workers transport tiffin tins – a relevant part of life and work in Little India. This mural was only painted in 2018 so it’s still bright and colourful.

Clive Street

woman mural Clive Street
Rainbow mural chinatown

These colourful pieces on Clive Street are situated around a small park. The woman with the headscarf is at the back of the grass and the colourful figure above is on the main street beside it.

Hindoo Road

Colourful street art sinagpore Hindoo Road
11 Hindoo Road

Celebrating Indian heroes from modest backgrounds, this piece of art shows Tamil film star, Rajinikanth.

Rowell Road

Rowell Road
107/109 Rowell Road

American street artist, Elmac uses ripple shapes rather than straight lines in his work. This piece of Singapore street art on Rowell Road is one of the most iconic ones in the area – Elmac somehow captures a sense of mood and expression in the subject’s face.

It wasn’t on purpose but I think the motorbike parked in the shot is the perfect grammable accessory!

Belilios Lane

Belilios Lane
Bellios Lane murals

There are a whole collection of colourful images on Bellios Lane which show the local trades of the Indian community. You can see people washing clothes, selling tea and handmaking flower garlands.

Upper Dickson Road

 Little India art

If you’re on the hunt for street art in Singapore, don’t miss Upper Dickson Road. Just before Dickson Road joins the main road, you’ll find these colourful images underneath a sheltered walkway. They show Indian women partaking in traditional Indian dances clad in beautiful sarees and traditional jewellery.

More Singapore street art locations

While Little India is home to most of the street art in Singapore, don’t stop there. I found a few other colourful corners of Singapore known for their urban art. These included…

Interactive art at 51 Waterloo Street

Waterloo Street interactive mural
Interactive murals
Singapore mural Waterloo Street

Heading out of Little India, I found some of the coolest street art in Singapore. The pieces at 51 Waterloo Street can be found in a hidden corridor off the main street and use interactive elements like doors that open and close over the art to show different scenes.

They tell stories from the 1970s and 80s with details like Beano comics and $2 cinema tickets. It’s all very retro and fun!

Queen Street

Tiger image
222 Queen Street

Head around the corner from Waterloo Street and find this colourful alleyway packed with cartoon art including this giant tiger.

Haji Lane

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is an awesome place to spend time whether you’re looking for Singapore street art or not! This colourful part of town is packed with cute cafes, boutique shops and a lot of colourful murals. I liked this life-like man on the wall of the Singapura Club.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street

Not far from Haji Lane, you’ll find this adorable artwork showing a girl holding a lion cub painted by Ernest Zacharevi, an artist who street art I’ve seen in Ipoh and Penang. Find it where Jln Pisang meets Victoria Street, here.

Sultan Arts Village

Street art guide Singapore
Sultan Arts Village Singapore street art

Also not far from Haji Lane lies Sultan Arts Village. It’s a small compound with some cool art galleries and shops, plus plenty of outdoor paintings. This multicoloured wall is a great backdrop to pose for the gram!

Amoy Street Food Centre

Singapore street art Amoy Street Food Centre

Chinatown is home to less Singapore street art than Little India but the pieces are just as colourful. Don’t miss Amoy Street Food Centre where Singapore street food is served to a backdrop of huge murals. I particularly liked this cool old lady who looked full of character.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Singapore street art guide and it helps you find all these pieces of street art. The great thing about Singapore is that there’s always something quirky and colourful that other people have missed – so you’re bound to spy some I didn’t. Enjoy!

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