Complete Wurzburg Travel Guide & 1 Day Itinerary

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Have you heard of Wurzburg before? If not, I’m here to help with my Wurzburg guide!

It’s a city in Germany that’s between Munich and Frankfurt. It’s also unbelievably pretty. My sister and I headed there as a day trip recently as I was staying with her in her current hometown of Nuremberg.


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Getting there: Train (RailEurope), bus (Flixbus)

Wurzburg travel guide

It was my second visit to Wurzburg but the last was three years ago and before my travel blogging days. So this time around, my camera was at the ready and I was taking in all the facts! What did our day look like and what is there to do there?

Getting to Wurzburg

By train: we arrived into the Hauptbahnhof (central station), which is close to town. Our train from Nuremberg took 1 hour 10 minutes but you’re also just 1 hour 30 from Frankfurt and 2 hours from Munich.

Search trains to and from Wurzburg on RailEurope.

Bu bus: If you have time, it’s usually cheaper to travel Germany by bus. The Flixbus connects Wurzburg with cities including Munich and Hamburg.

Search buses to and from Wurzburg by Flixbus.

Morning – Wurzburg Residence

Wurzburg Residence flower garden

This stately home has a rich history. The prince of the time was living in a smaller palace which he decided wasn’t grand enough for the ‘absolute monarch’ that he was. I’d never heard the term ‘absolute monarch’ before – apparently, it means a ruler who has total authority. Basically, he was the big cheese and wanted to let everyone know.

He’d just won lots of money in a court case so built this beautiful palace which includes a massive garden. It’s now on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Fountain at Wurzburg Residence

You can pay to go inside but we had fun wandering the gardens for free and admiring it from the outside.

Würzburg sightseeing train tour

This adorable red and white train trundles around Würzburg, calling at the main attractions. For a fun way to see the city, hop aboard one of the carriages and plug into an informative audio guide. Book your tickets here.

Lunch – picnic by the bridge

We brought a picnic with us and ate it sitting on the riverbank. This was the view we were looking at – gorgeous, hey?

Colourful buildings along Wurzburg river

I could have chilled by the river all day but we were building up our energy for our next activity which involved a hefty climb.

Where to get your picnic?

We found the adorable Baeckerei Hanselmann close to the Wurzburg Residence. I was initially attracted to it because it was three stories of yellow with beautiful flower baskets but it’s also a bakery selling pastries, baked goods, fruit, pretzels and noodle salads.

Tall yellow building in Wurzburg

Afternoon – climb the Marienberg Fortress

I was daunted by the look of this beautiful castle perched on top of the hill but climbing it wasn’t as difficult as anticipated.

Wurzburg Castle

The tricky bit was finding the right route up to the castle. My best advice:

  • Cross the bridge towards the castle
  • Veer to your right as you leave the bridge and see the MA Doner kebab shop
  • Walk up Tellsteige, the little street to the left (linked here)
  • Climb the steps, walk through a slanting green park and follow the path up

There are different viewing points as you go up. These photos are from the first one:

Girl looking out over view from Wurzburg Castle
View of Wurzburg from the castle
Panoramic view of Wurzburg

Time at the top

The final and most majestic view of Wurzburg is from the Fortress. We sat at the cafe at the top and drank beer but there are also lots of other things you can do to at Marienberg Fortress including visiting the museum of the old living quarters and taking guided tours (from €3.50; available from April to October).

Back at the bottom – Hugos on the bridge

Hugo cocktail Würzburg bridge

The bridge is such a fun place to hang out on a sunny day! People are standing around chatting, there’s usually some form of live music playing and the bars are serving drinks outdoors.

My new favourite tipple after my long weekend in Germany is a Hugo (Prosecco with elderflower and mint). So refreshing and yummy.

Late afternoon – back to the station via the must-see buildings

Since I should include some sights in my Wurzburg guide and not encourage you to drink cocktails all day 😉

There are some really amazing buildings in town. Head to the Marktplatz (central market square) to see the yellow Falkenhaus building and the red and white St Mary’s Chapel covered in gold carvings.

Red cathedral Wurzburg
Central square Wurzburg
Yellow buildings Wurzburg

Where to stay during 1 day in Wurzburg

We caught a train back to Nuremberg in time for dinner but if you’re staying over, check out Babelfish which has dorm rooms for €20.

For a comfy hotel in the heart of town (in a gorgeous pink building) with breakfast included, stay at City Partner Hotel Stauss.

Whether you’re there for a day trip or weekend visit, you’ll love Wurzburg. Let me know if you need any more advice!

Colourful houses in Wurzburg

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Würzburg itinerary


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