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My Year in Review: 2022

Bad starts 2022 has been a wild rollercoaster of ups and downs. The start of [...]

My Year in Review: 2021

This time last year, in my 2020 round-up, I was bouncing off the walls and [...]

My Year in Review: 2020

I’ve not written a personal round-up since March for obvious reasons – there’s been no [...]

Month 22 Round-Up (March ’20): The Month The World Stopped

If anyone looks back on this blog in the future and sees March 2020… Well, [...]


Month 21 Round-Up (Feb ’20): Cuba, Butterflies & Wine Weekends!

After a boring, sick January, I had such a blast in February. [...]

Month 20 Travel Round-Up (Jan ‘20): Sickness​ & Birthdays

January was honestly a bit of a shitter. [...]

Month 19 Travel Round-Up (Dec ‘19): Christmas in Mexico

I spent the first half of December working hard from my base of Mexico City [...]

My Year in Review: 2019

What a fun and crazy year it’s been! I’ve now been working remotely for over [...]

Month 18 Travel Round-Up (Nov ‘19): Living In Mexico

Well, look who survived her first month in Mexico! [...]

Month 17 Travel Round-Up (Oct ‘19): Moving To Mexico

Omg. What a title to type out: ‘Moving to Mexico’. [...]