16 Cute Porto Cafes and Coffee Shops

porto coffee guide

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What’s this, another Where Goes Rose coffee guide? You bet, this time to the cafes of Porto, Portugal where I spent several months living. With world-class architecture, culture and food, there are so many things to see and do in Porto. Luckily, I found plenty of Porto coffee to fuel my adventures.

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Rota cha porto cafes
Enjoying the cafes in Porto

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I’ll be honest: coffee wasn’t the first thing on my mind when I moved to Porto. It’s not what the city is known for and I’ll admit I’ve visited places with better coffee. You need to dig a little deeper to find it but luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Porto is a great city to visit so naturally tourism has increased, thus it’s become a city of contrast. The hearty, meaty cuisine in Porto is totally at odds with the fare found at the cool coffee shops. I spent much time in modest restaurants sampling the traditional Porto dishes (franceschina, I’m looking at you!) but I also sniffed out the best brunch in Porto as well as the top speciality coffee.

So, here’s my guide to the best coffee in Porto including some highly-rated Porto cafes where you can try it!

First, a bit about coffee in Portugal

Modern coffee shops in Porto serve all your usual flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos, while old-school Portuguese cafes are more likely to serve the following beverages. They may be different from what you’re used to: I was confused when I first ordered a coffee to find it served in a tiny espresso cup!

To avoid confusion, here’s a summary of the coffee types found in Porto:

  • Cafe = espresso, usually around 70 cents
  • Pingu = a mini cup of espresso topped with a splash of milk
  • Garoto = what a pingo is called in other parts of Portugal. Don’t worry about ordering it here.
  • Galão = similar to a latte, this drink comprises steamed milk and espresso, served in a tall glass
  • Meia de leite = steamed milk and espresso served in a mug.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember them all. Most of the Porto cafes listed below are modern enough that you can order the normal coffees you would at home.

The above drinks will rarely cost you more than €1 but, like cool cafes anywhere, hipster coffee ain’t cheap. Speciality roasters charge at least €2 for a cup of joe. Less than London, at least!

The best cafes and coffee shops in Porto, Portugal

With no more ado, here’s where to drink coffee in Porto, in no particular order. I’ve chosen these venues based on the quality of the coffee and the ambience of the cafes. Enjoy!

Combi Coffee Roasters, Bonfim (speciality coffee)

Combi Coffee Roasters
My favourite Porto coffee shop
Combi Coffee Roasters porto

If you’re looking for speciality coffee in a cafe that’s cool but not too touristic, I would recommend Combi Coffee Roasters. It’s in Bonfim, a Porto neighbourhood with an old-school vibe and just a few modern venues starting to open up.

The cafe is easily reachable on foot from the city centre and usually busy with locals and expats sipping ethically-sourced coffee roasted onsite. I had the flat white but they serve all your standard coffees as well as chai, French press and cold brew coffee.

For brunch, there’s avo toast, acai bowls and croissants. They also sell bags of ground beans to take home for €12.50.

Address: Rua Morgado Mateus, 29, 4000 – 334, Porto.

Opening times: 10am-5pm, Monday-Saturday.

Good for co-working? Yes. Lots of people work from here.

C’alma (speciality coffee)

A ‘coffee flight’

Is this the best coffee in Porto? Probably. Do I recommend drinking three on an empty stomach? Definitely not.

From the second you walk in, you can tell C’alma know their coffee. This quiet coffee shop hidden inside an old building has all the aesthetics you’d expect including test tubes of beans advertising their blends from around the world.

C’alma is not just a coffee shop but a real coffee experience. As well as singular coffees, you can order ‘coffee flights’ for €6 which include an espresso, a flat white and a filter coffee. Choose the ones you want or let the barista decide. We had a filter blend from Ethiopia.

I can safely say this coffee was fantastic but I was absolutely buzzed after three! Only for real coffee fanatics.

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel 44, 4000-381 Porto.

Opening times:
10am-6pm, Mon-Sat.

Good for co-working? Yes, although it’s quite small so you should probably buy lunch (the cheese sourdough sandwiches are delicious) if you plan to stay a while.

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

For a real speciality coffee shop vibe, you can’t do better than Fábrica Coffee Roasters. The interior features exposed brick, light wood, potted plants, a giant coffee roasting machine and shelves laden with beans to take home and branded tote bags/t-shirts: standard coffee shop merch!

It’s one of the larger cafes in Porto so rather than a cosy coffee shop vibe, expect a spacious venue with several rooms and lots of natural light. There are tables for two in the front area and larger bench tables in the back for groups and co-workers.

As is to be expected, the coffee is on point! As well as espressos and drinks with milk (regular or plant), you have cold coffees and filter coffees. The menu lacks nothing because there are also teas, chai and hot chocolate.

If you’re in the mood for food (my eternal mood), order one of the egg and avo dishes or pancakes and yoghurt. When I visited on a Sunday lunchtime, there were out of most dishes so I think this may be a better place for coffee than food.

Address: Rua de José Falcão 122, 4050-315 Porto.

Opening times: 9am-5pm daily.

Good for co-working? Very. It’s spacious so noise doesn’t carry, the Wi-Fi is strong, and there are plug sockets in the front area.

Update – I went here again and the music was loud and the Wi-Fi wasn’t working. The barista said ‘sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t’. Clearly!

The Coffee House Experience

The Coffee House Experience
Nata and hot chocolate

The first thing to know about Delta The Coffee House Experience on Rua de Alexandre Braga? A branch of Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata, known for serving some of the most delicious pastéis de nata in Portugal, is located inside!

This bright, spacious venue is also one of my favourite cafes in Porto with floor-length windows and coffee-themed details including giant cylinders of beans. There’s no shortage of options from brew coffees (Chemex, V60 etc), six types of espresso, all your regular coffees with milk, cold coffees and even a beverage I’ve yet to try called ‘spicy coffee!’.

I can also vouch for the hot chocolate served in a soup-sized bowl. It’s more like liquid chocolate than your average hot chocolate with milk.

Order a drink and pastel de nata served on a rustic wooden board and soak up the sun at this atmospheric cafe.

Address: Rua de Alexandre Braga 2.

Opening times: 8am-9pm, daily.

Good for co-working? No, it’s more of a social cafe.

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Rota Do Cha

If you’re hunting for coffee in Porto, admittedly this may not be the place for you. But if you’re looking for an atmospheric cafe with more varieties of tea than you’ve seen in your life, don’t miss Rota Do Cha.

This adorable tea house with a quiet garden is a real hidden gem. Find it on Rua Miguel de Bombarda, one of Porto’s quirkiest streets known for its urban murals and small modern art galleries.

The dedication to tea is impressive: browse blends from Turkey, India, China, Taiwan, Morocco, England, South Africa and, of course, Portugal. I settled on the ‘7+1’ chocolate and mint rooibos from South Africa. It was delicious, as was the almond tart. I’ll be back to work my way through the tea menu.

Address: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 457, 4050-378 Porto.

Opening times: 12-7pm weekdays; 11.30am-7pm Sat; 11.30am-7.30pm Sunday.

Good for co-working? It could potentially be done as it’s nice and quiet, but I can’t imagine the garden tables being ergonomic-friendly.

My Coffee Porto (speciality coffee)

my coffee porto

Some of the best speciality coffee in Porto AND one of the best views? My Coffee Porto spoils its visitors with quality coffee, healthy brunch dishes and an optimum location halfway down the Escadas do Codeçal steps connecting Baixa and Ribeira.

I spotted this Porto cafe while panting my way up from Ribeira and vowed to return, even if just to enjoy the views. Not many tourists know about this little gem because it’s not somewhere you naturally stroll past when visiting the main attractions. It’s worth it even with the stairs, which is saying something because I really hate stairs!

They serve espressos, macchiatos, flat whites, cappuccinos, mochas, hot chocolates, chai and pouring coffee (Chemex, V60 and Aeropress). On a summer’s day, try the iced coffee, affogato or coffee lemonade (intriguing!) instead.

My best advice is to visit early. I got there six minutes after opening and still didn’t manage to bag the front table with the best views, dammit.

Address: Escadas do Codeçal 22, 4000-173 Porto.

Opening times: 9.30am-6pm, daily.

Good for co-working? No – you’d feel like you were taking up valuable space.

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SO Coffee Roasters

So coffee roasters
Takeaway coffee from SO

There are two branches of SO Coffee Roasters: a spacious cafe in cool Cedofeita and a hidden gem inside a boutique clothing store off Praça da Liberdade. Both serve excellent speciality coffee in Porto; choose from espressos, flat whites, cappuccinos, iced and filters. For non-caffeine drinkers, there’s tea, matcha, chai and wine.

In the smaller Feeling Room cafe, there are just two tables: a large shared one and a window bar with two seats. Grab one after browsing the trendy items on sale in the boutique. The larger cafe has way more space and also serves brunch dishes and cakes.

Address: Rua de Sá de Noronha 119 (the larger cafe) and Largo dos Lóios 89 (the smaller boutique cafe).

Opening times: 10am-6pm daily (closes at 1pm on Sundays).

Good for co-working? Only if you visit the larger branch.

Pátio Bonjardim – a hidden Porto cafe

Pátio Bonjardim
Pátio Bonjardim cafe porto

It’s the lovely hidden nature that makes Pátio Bonjardim one of my favourite cafes in Porto. I discovered it by accident when dropping pins on Google and headed inside to check it out. As I walked through the antique shop at the front I wondered, can this be the right place?

It was worth the effort. Although I visited this quiet cafe with a large outdoor patio area in November, I imagine it would be a lovely place to enjoy coffee and cake or lunch in the summer.

I wouldn’t describe it as the best coffee in Porto (it’s certainly not speciality coffee) but I liked the local vibe. Aside from Americanos and cappuccinos, they serve Portuguese classics like meia de lette (coffee with steamed milk) and pingo (espresso with a dash of milk).

Food-wise, they serve tasty empanadas, crepes and toasted sandwiches, as well as a meal of the day with drink and soup for €7.

Address: Rua do Bonjardim 400, 4000-010 Porto. Enter Ferragens home interior store and follow it to the back.

Opening times: 10am-6.30pm, weekdays.

Good for co-working? Yes, the Wi-Fi is strong and it’s nice and quiet.

O Porto dos Gatos, Bonfim

O Porto dos Gatos cafe
‘Catacchino’ and crumble

As a cat owner, I may be biased but this is one of my favourite Porto cafes. Slightly out-of-town in Bonfim, it’s a quiet spot to escape the crowds and befriend, instead, a crowd of friendly cats.

O Porto dos Gatos has a front room and garden area where you can order cat-themed beverages and dishes from the fully vegan menu. They have veggie burgers, franceschinas and an affordable menu of the day with a starter, soup, main dish and drink for €8.

You have to commend the cafe’s attention to detail: the door handle is shaped like a cat and even the cushions are covered in feline embroidery. It’s not speciality coffee but my cappuccino (sorry, catacchino) was still tasty and dusted with a chocolate cat silhouette.

But of course, the highlight is hanging out with the cats themselves. These well-cared-for creatures are happy and loving – you won’t wait long before one curls up on your lap!

Address: Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 93.

Opening times: 12-7.30pm, Tues-Sat.

Good for co-working? Yes, I’ve done it without problems although it gets loud in the front room at lunchtime.

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Confeitaria do Bolhao – old-school gem

This isn’t a place for fancy flat whites or vegan milk… It’s a classic Portuguese cafe open for 100 years! The first thing you’ll notice is the huge counter of goodies ranging from pastel de nata to marzipan sweets, fruit tarts, cakes and savoury offerings like rissol and sandwiches.

Everything is delicious and very affordable: we paid €11 for three coffees and the spread of food above. With marble floors and decorative ceilings, it’s one of the most beautiful cafes in Porto with a classic, old-school feel. Wash down your snacks with strong espresso or milky meia de leite.

Address: Rua Formosa 339, Porto 4000-252.

Opening times: 6am-8pm, Mon-Fri; 6am-7pm, Sat; closed Sun.

Good for co-working? Definitely not.

Dona Mira, Bonfim

Dona Mira, Bonfim

Not far from Combi Coffee Roasters and O Porto dos Gatos in Bonfim is a quiet neighbourhood coffee shop peppered with artwork and quirky details.

To escape the tourist cafes in town, you can’t do better than this stylish cafe with a quiet garden area. Borrow a book from the shelf and read while you drink or dine.

Dona Mira serves quality coffee (the flat white was excellent) and sandwiches, salads and baked goods during the day. I appreciated their flaky French-style croissants which I prefer to the doughy Portuguese variety, and I’ll be back to try the hot chocolate.

At night, it turns into a sophisticated bar with caipirinha cocktails for €6 and Douro valley wines.

Address: Rua do Duque de Saldanha 431, 4300-466 Porto.

Opening times: 12-10pm, Mon-Fri; 10am-10pm Sat; closed Sun.

Good for co-working? I didn’t try the Wi-Fi but it’s certainly quiet and peaceful.

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço – éclairs!

Eclairs at Leitaria da Quinta do Paço

Finally, dessert fans won’t want to skip Leitaria da Quinta do Paço. This cafe isn’t a top pick for coffee (although they do serve it) but delicious éclairs in a wild array of flavours.

You might not expect Portugal to produce quality French pastry and for the most part, they don’t. Croissants tend to be doughy rather than flaky. But if there’s a cafe in Porto that makes an exception, it’s this 100-year-old business pumping out éclairs for the people of Porto.

Flavours include dark chocolate, passion fruit, red fruits, coffee and caramel. Keep an eye out for the ever-changing specials; there was a gold éclair when I was there!

Pay €1.80 for regular-sized éclairs and €1.10 for small ones. I planned to get a couple of mini ones to try multiple flavours… But then I decided to go greedy and get, instead, a couple of large ones to try multiple flavours. No regrets!

Address: Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 47, 4050-293 Porto.

Opening times: 9am-8pm daily.

Good for co-working? No! This is a social cafe.

Cafes in Porto – notable mentions

Here are a few Porto cafes I visited that are worth mentioning but didn’t quite make the ultimate list of coffee shops in Porto…

Chocolate Rosa at Mercado Bom Sucesso

Chocolate Rosa banoffee pie
Banoffee pie

Some of the best cakes in Porto, washed down with rich coffee, are found at Chocolate Rosa in Bom Sucesso Market. The banoffee pie is what dreams are made of, and I’ll be back to try the lime tart and mil-folhas (vanilla custard inside pastry dusted with icing sugar). I paid €3.50 for this enormous slice of pie and a strong espresso.

Why only an honourable mention? Since it’s inside an open-plan market, it’s not the most atmospheric place for cake and coffee in Porto.

Address: Mercado Bom Sucesso, Praça do Bom Sucesso 74-90, 4150-145 Porto.

Opening times: 8am-midnight Fri & Sat; 8am-11pm Sun-Thurs.

Mesa 325, Bonfim (speciality coffee)

Mesa 365 cafe porto

Although it’s slightly far out in Bonfim neighbourhood, this Porto coffee shop serves high-quality speciality coffee and affordable brunch dishes. As well as smoothies, croissants, overnight oats and chia pudding, there’s a selection of €3.50 bagels with toppings like tomato & avo and cream cheese, almond & raspberry.

Not only is the interior a hipster’s dream, but there’s an adorable black lab as the cafe dog. Perhaps due to the location, it’s a quiet cafe that works well for co-working.

Mesa 325 have plenty of coffee and cold brew options so, whatever your beverage of choice, you’ll find it here.

Why only an honourable mention? The bagel ingredients were stingy: the avocado was just a thin spread rather than chunks. There’s a menu of €7 bagels which I suspect may be more generous. However, if you’re looking for speciality coffee in Porto rather food, this may not be a problem.

Address: Av. de Camilo 325, 4300-295 Porto.

Opening times: 8.30am-6pm, Mon-Fri; 9am-2pm, Sat; closed Sun.

Good for co-working? Very. The Wi-Fi is strong and the cafe is nice and quiet.

Pasteleria Tupi (best Porto cafe for vegans)

Pasteleria Tupi

This pastry shop is a cute place to visit with tiled floors, marble tables and dark wooden furniture. The wide selection of cakes seals the deal. As well as all the standard Portuguese pastries, they have a separate counter of vegan versions of the classics.

We tried bolinhos de coco (coconut cakes) and cornucopias (pastry cones filled with sweet custard), washed down with latte macchiatos. Two coffees and two cakes only cost us €5.

Even though coffee and cake is the focus, we were surprised to learn Pasteleria Tupi also serve decent francesinhas including vegan ones.

Why only an honourable mention? I’ve had better coffee. The range of pastries – including vegan ones – is the real reason to visit.

Address: Rua de Sá da Bandeira 144, 4000-380 Porto.

Opening times:
7am-7pm, Monday-Saturday.

Good for co-working? No.

Brunch cafes in Porto

At these cafes, I had fantastic brunches but didn’t try the coffee, however I suspect it’s good. Cafes that fall into this category are…

Negra Cafe Porto – there are two of these cafes in Porto, one in Baixa (the centre) and one in Boavista near Casa da Música. I can vouch for the giant pancake stacks with eggs, bacon, avocado and crispy onion, as well as the ambience: the Boavista cafe is decked out with black and white movie posters and retro details.

Do Norte by Hungry Biker – I only had an espresso shot with waffles and a smoothie but my friends said the cappuccinos were good. If you’re looking for cute Porto cafes, I can vouch for this one. The cafe on Rua do Almada has a cosy, rustic vibe decorated with vintage ski gear. There’s another one on Rua Flores (148), a pretty but touristic street in the centre.

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