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I recently took my first trip to Belize and was wowed by this fantastic destination with beautiful beaches, rich marine life (I saw my first manatee!), dense jungle, Mayan culture and much more.

I’m sure it would be a great destination for any type of traveller but I’ll be talking specifically about solo travel in Belize, specifically based on my experiences as a solo female traveller.


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Is Belize good for solo travellers?

Yes, Belize is a great destination for solo travel thanks to its developed tourist infrastructure, plentiful secure accommodation options, and opportunities to meet other travellers to share stories and solo travel tips!

Although I think Belize is a good destination for solo female travel, like most places, there are pros and cons as I’ll discuss. I’ll cover everything I wish I knew before my solo trip to Belize, plus where to go and what to budget for your trip.

Caye caulker boat trip
Thinking of solo female travel in Belize? Do it!

Best things about solo travel in Belize

  • English is the main language – if you’re not a Spanish speaker, one of the challenges of solo travel in most Latin American countries is learning the lingo. This isn’t the case in Belize because English is the first language. On the islands, people speak Creole but they switch to English when speaking to tourists.
  • Easy to get around – tourist shuttles operate between major tourist destinations so you don’t need to navigate public transport. From the islands to mainland destinations, you can buy packages including your ferry and shuttle so your entire journey is covered.
  • Clear backpacker route and good hostels – I found it very easy to make friends in Belize because there’s good tourist infrastructure, an obvious backpacker route and many decent hostels.
Making friends while travelling alone in belize
Making friends in Caye Caulker

Challenging things about solo travel in Belize

  • Harassment from men – on Caye Caulker, I was constantly being whistled at and heckled by the men. I have never heard of any tourists being hurt, so it’s more irritating than scary… But still something we shouldn’t have to endure. It reminds me of my solo travels in Cuba where I experienced the same problem. It’s worth noting I didn’t experience this on the mainland.
  • Belize is expensive – I was shocked by the cost of Belize and I’m told it’s the second most expensive Central American country after Costa Rica. Although anyone will feel the effects of this, I mention it in terms of solo travel to Belize because some things are more pricey for one person including getting a private room.

Is Belize safe for solo female travellers?

Yes, it’s safe to travel alone in Belize. I travelled both on the islands and the mainland without any problems, while meeting lots of other solo women who were also having fantastic, trouble-free trips.

Saying that, there are a few things to be aware of. Belize City is not a safe destination due to high crime rates. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to avoid visiting Belize solo because you can simply avoid the city.

As mentioned above, there is some harassment aimed towards women in Belize, most commonly on the islands of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. It may make you uncomfortable but, in my experience, not unsafe.

Is Belize suitable for first time solo travellers?

Pine ridge forest nat park
Beautiful scenery in Mountain Ridge Pine Forest Reverse

I wouldn’t list Belize as the absolute perfect first time solo travel destination. If I had never travelled alone before and experienced the irritating comments and whistles of men on Caye Caulker, I imagine I might feel overwhelmed.

Saying that, it’s very easy to travel around in Belize and there are lots of hostels. People speak English and the majority are friendly and helpful. So, if you can ignore and rise above the irritating men on Caye Caulker (and avoid Belize City altogether), then you can absolutely travel alone for the first time in Belize!

I even met one solo female traveller in Belize who was 19 and had never travelled alone before. She was having a great time!

solo female travel belize is it safe?

Safety tips for solo travel in Belize

Avoid Belize City – as I had made a friend on Caye Caulker who had navigated Belize City previously, we decided to forgo the more expensive shuttle option to San Ignacio and DIY the journey by riding the ferry to the mainland, then taking a taxi to Belize City bus station to catch a bus to San Ignacio.

We survived but it was a trying journey because we had to wait for ages in Belize City bus station which was pretty chaotic. If I had been there alone, I think I’d have felt uncomfortable as the only obvious tourist. So my safety advice to solo female travellers in Belize is just to take the shuttle for ease, convenience and safety.

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Watch your valuables on Caye Caulker – this chilled island is the perfect place to let your hair down with new friends and enjoy a few rums at the local bars. Unfortunately, some opportunistic locals know this is the case and I heard several reports of pickpocketing.

A friend I made had her brand new iPhone pinched and had to splash out for a new one… Apparently, it was much more than you’d pay for the same model in the UK, meaning she had to cut her backpacking trip short by a month.

Petty crime can occur everywhere and I can guarantee someone had their iPhone stolen in your home country today. So, it’s not specific to Belize but it’s good to be aware of where the pickpocketing hotspots are. Caye Caulker is at the top of the list.

Snorkelling sharks islands
The sharks aren’t dangerous either – they don’t have extendable jaws!

Getting to Belize

Here are your options…

By air

There are direct flights to Belize City from US cities including Atlanta, LA and New York. If you’re coming from Europe, you’ll need to change in the US (so remember to apply for your ESTA ahead of time). I use Skyscanner to find cheap flights, using the ‘search by month’ feature to see the cheapest dates.

By boat from Mexico

Water taxi from chetumal to caye caulker
My ride from Mexico to Belize

This is what I did, arriving by ferry from Mexico’s Chetumal to Caye Caulker. Chetumal isn’t a great tourist destination but nearby Bacalar is. Many travellers, including myself, spend a few days in the blissful blue waters of Bacalar before taking an ADO bus (or local taxi) to Chetumal for the boat to Belize.

A couple of companies offer the journey but I went with Water Jets International and paid £65 ($80) for the 90-minute ride.

Note – there’s a tourist tax of $28.50 USD that many travellers seem to pay however I was not charged. Make sure you have it just in case.

I stayed overnight in Chetumal because my ferry was early. If you do the same, I can recommend Downtown Hostel as a no-frills but basic hostel and Mantura Bistro Garden as a nearby restaurant with an impressive range of cuisines. But don’t spend longer than necessary in Chetumal because there’s not much to do.

By bus from Mexico

This journey is both longer and cheaper than taking the ferry. You can get an ADO bus from Bacalar to Belize City (4 hours) and, from there, catch the ferry to Caye Caulker for $18 USD or $28 return.

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By bus from Guatemala

I did the reverse because I travelled from Belize to Guatemala. Shuttles run the whole way from San Ignacio (Belize) to Flores (Guatemala) for $20 USD. Or you can DIY by taking a taxi from San Ignacio to the border and then a local minibus the rest of the way ($7 total).

Reverse the steps if coming from Flores to Belize.

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Getting around Belize

Getting around belize solo traveller
Taking the adventurous route

I touched on this a bit already but here’s some more info.

Tourist shuttle: if you’re concerned about solo female travel safety in Belize, don’t be: these airconned minibuses couldn’t be safer or easier. On the islands, book with any agency and they’ll provide your boat ticket and have a shuttle waiting for you on the mainland which you can board to San Ignacio.

Local bus: taking a local bus rather than a tourist shuttle is far cheaper. Chicken buses are old US school buses given a vibrant makeover. They generally cost around $3-4 BZD per hour of travel. It just depends how confident you feel: they’re more crowded, slower and less relaxing than the shuttles.

Taxi: usually taxis are a no-no for solo travellers because you’re not splitting the cost with anyone. But the San Ignacio taxis run as shared transport and you pay per person. This means they may stop to pick up other passengers so, as long as you’re happy with that, jump in!

Expect to pay $4 BZD to Xunantunich Mayan Ruins and $7 BZD to the Guatemalan border. The drivers are likely to quote you more initially so do haggle if they ask for more than the prices above!

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Where to travel solo in Belize

For such a small country, Belize boasts a diverse range of destinations. Do you want chilled island life with Caribbean flair, or to explore the jungle and Mayan ruins of the mainland with stronger ties to Mexican and Guatemalan culture?

For a short solo trip to Belize, it’s easy to do the islands and San Ignacio for the best of the mainland, but if you have more time, the Caribbean coast allows you to experience Garifuna culture and the beautiful beaches the islands lack.

So, let’s get stuck in…

Caye Caulker island

Caye caulker belize
The best place for solo female travel in Belize

A little patch of paradise in the Caribbean Ocean! If you’re choosing between islands in the northeast of Belize, Caye Caulker is safe for solo female travellers and a hit with backpackers on a low budget. I mean, it’s still pretty expensive… but cheaper than Ambergris Caye which I’ll mention next.

I spent a few sublime days on Caye Caulker and I could have gladly spent longer if I was tired from travel and wanted to relax… But I was right at the beginning of my trip and itching to see new places in Belize and then Guatemala!

Things to do in Caye Caulker for solo travellers:

  • Take a snorkelling boat trip (full day) to Hol Chan Marine Park – this was the highlight of my solo trip to Belize because we saw a manatee! We were lucky to see her as tours don’t always. However, sharks and stingrays are pretty much a guarantee. The tour was expensive at $95 USD but included lunch, equipment and unlimited rum punch. I went with Ragga Sailing and also heard good things about Caveman Tours. In peak season, it might be worth booking in advance.
  • Dive / take a scenic flight over the famous Blue Hole – if you have cash to splash! I didn’t do this since diving the Blue Hole requires an advanced Open Water license (and costs $400) but it looks phenomenal. The scenic flight over the Blue Hole ($300) also looks like a bucket list experience.
  • Chill out at the Split – this literal gap in the island was created by a hurricane but is now a popular place to relax and do nada. At the Lazy Lizard bar, you can sit and drink on a table submerged in the sea, or simply relax on a lounger.
  • Watch sunset with a Belizean beer at Iguana Reef Inn. Here, you’ll see stingrays (which the bar feeds, something I don’t really approve of) and you can even spy tiny seahorses to the left of the wooden walkway. Caution – my friend and I were swimming here and a croc swam by!
  • Try some chilled water activities like kayaking or standup paddleboarding.

Where to stay on Caulker for solo travellers

I spotted a private room on for just a little more than a hostel dorm so bagged it at Blue Wave Guesthouse ($30/£25 a night). It’s a modest place beside the sea with a fan and shared bathroom, but it did the job! There’s also a kitchen (but no fridge).

The friends I made on the boat trip were all staying at Go Slow Hostel which is known as the best of the hostels on the island with beds from $20/£17. I was warned to avoid Bella’s Backpackers due to bedbugs and unfriendly staff.

Ambergris Caye (San Pedro)

San Pedro town is known for nightlife and Ambergris Caye is generally known as the more upmarket Belizean island. If you’re choosing between Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker as a budget solo traveller, it’s obvious the latter comes out on top. But if you want to experience the nightlife and eat at cool restaurants, all power to you!

Things to do from San Pedro, Belize:

  • Snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve (it’s slightly closer to San Pedro than Caye Caulker but can easily be done from either)
  • Visit Truck Stop, a cool hangout with food stands, a pool and lots of ice cream
  • Take a class or shop at Belize Chocolate Factory
  • Visit Secret Beach. There’s nothing secretive about it but it’s a nice place to spend a day
  • Take a sunset boat cruise.

Where to stay on Ambergris Caye: the best-rated hostel on Hostelworld is Sandbar (8.7 stars, from $17 a night) while Drift Inn is a newer option that also looks great (8.2 stars, $17 a night).

San Ignacio

Inland close to the border with Guatemala, this is a fantastic destination for nature and Mayan ruins. The town itself is safe for solo female travel in Belize and pleasant enough, but very small. It’s best used as a launching point for the following adventures…

ATM caves

Voted the number 1 Sacred Cave destination in the world (by Nat Geo), the incredible Actun Tunichil Muknal complex is unforgettable. A visit involves being picked up early and driven out to the caves which you climb and swim through for 2 hours, spotting the remains of sacrificial Mayan skeletons.

The ATM caves are basically an adrenaline adventure, nature experience and living museum all in one go! Only 25 guides are licensed to go inside and ours was fantastic. He knew every inch of the caves, telling us where to watch our heads and put our feet etc.

The only downside? Tours cost around $100 USD! Our hostel was charging $115 but we found an agency in town, Cayo Inland Expeditions, charging $15 less. If you want to book in advance (recommended in peak season), I recommend this GetYourGuide tour.

It was worth the high price tag and the included lunch was delicious.

Xunantunich places to visit solo travel in belize
Xunantunich… Hard to say, easy to visit!

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

I took a fun half-day trip to Xunantunich with a couple of new friends from the hostel and we were blown away! This vast Mayan site close to the Guatemalan border was almost completely empty with no other tourists around.

To arrive, we rode a shared taxi for $4 BZD per person, then jumped on the barge across the river (free but donation appreciated) then walked up the hill. Entry is 10 BZD ($5 USD) including entry to the ruins and museum.

If you’re short of time, visit Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve, instead, which is in San Ignacio town.

Mountain Ridge Pine Forest Reserve

On my third and final day in San Ignacio, I got to check out the beautiful Mountain Ridge Pine Reserve National Park. I’d wanted to visit but been dismayed to see agencies charging $65 USD for tours which seemed like a lot since entry to the park is free!

National park san ignacio
A day in nature

Along with a couple of new friends from Yellow Belly Backpackers hostel, we discovered hiring a car was the most economical way to visit. This cost $85 for the day (plus gas) which worked out at under $20 each when split between five of us. We brought a packed lunch and it ended up being a very cheap – and beautiful – day out!

Note – we also researched scooter hire but this cost $50 per day per scooter! Also, we’d have got pretty wet in rainy season as there were a few quick showers we hid in the car for.

Points of interest in Pine Ridge:

  • Big Rock Falls – swimming in these natural pools and watching people cliff jump by the waterfall was the highlight of our day. It wasn’t busy or crowded perhaps because of the remote location and short but steep hike required (down on the way there, up on the way back)
  • Rio Frio Cave – this huge cave is easy to visit and very impressive. You don’t need any special equipment or a guide to go inside, unlike the ATM caves
  • Rio On Pools – we stopped here to admire the views then take a dip in the shallow pools. The water wasn’t too cold
  • Note – don’t try to visit 1000 Foot Falls in a regular car. It looks beautiful but the road there is treacherous and we had to turn back.


Although it’s easy to get out on the water on the islands, there aren’t actually many good beaches. The southern Caribbean coast of Belize makes up for it. With mangroves on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, the once-relaxed fishing village of Placencia has started to become more flashy and tourist-friendly.

Snorkelling, fishing, sailing… If you can dream it, you can do it here! As a day trip, you can also visit Cockscomb, the world’s first jaguar preserve home to birdlife, waterfalls and hiking trails.

Getting there: it’s easy enough to reach Placencia and, although it requires transiting Belize City, you don’t need to go to the sketchy bus station which is a plus for solo travellers in Belize. The bus departs less than a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal so just ask someone there if you’re unsure. The journey takes around 5 hours.

Where to stay in Placencia: the Royal Rat is the best budget option for solo female travellers in Belize with beds from $25. Obviously ‘hostel’ and ‘rat’ don’t bring up the best connotations… but this is a ROYAL rat, so no worries!


Hopkins beach

Hopkins is a chilled beach town up the coast from Placencia known for relaxation and adventure. You can snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef, dive with whale sharks and hike the Antelope Trail (amongst other activities) in Mayflower Bocawina National Park. If you don’t visit Placencia, you can take a side trip to Cockscomb Nature Reserve from here.

It’s also a great place to learn about Garifuna culture. With a blend of African and indigenous American customs, this unique community are known for their drum-based music and dance. The friendly village of Hopkins is the best place to experience it.

Where to stay in Hopkins: the Funky Dodo is the only place worth mentioning for backpackers with beds from $15.

Note – if you’re looking for luxury and have cash to spare, check out idyllic Tobacco Caye, a tiny island measuring 3 acres that can be reached by boat from Dangriga, not far from Hopkins.

Belize itineraries

1 week Belize itinerary:

  • 3 nights Caye Caulker
  • 3-4 nights San Ignacio (day activities: ATM caves, Mayan ruins, Pine Ridge Nat Park).

2 week Belize itinerary:

  • 2 nights Caye Caulker
  • 2 nights Ambergris Caye
  • 2 nights in Hopkins
  • 2 nights in Placencia.
  • 4 nights San Ignacio.

How to meet people solo travelling in Belize

Making friends during belize solo travel women
I promise these weren’t the only friends I made in Belize!
  • Hostels – my favourite was Yellow Belly Backpackers in San Ignacio. They have a range of dorm sizes from 4-8 beds and a delicious morning buffet breakfast including coffee. The friendly owner, Bubbles, got everyone socialising. It isn’t a hectic party hostel but still has a few chill communal areas where you can meet other solo travellers. I stayed in Blue Wave Guesthouse in Caye Caulker (£25 a night for a double room ) rather than a hostel but heard good things about Go Slow Hostel.
  • Tours and activities – the friends I hung out with during the rest of my Belize trip were people I met on a boat trip in Caye Caulker. We had a great day together and hung out during the rest of our time on the island, then headed overland to San Ignacio together. Signing up for fun excursions and tours (for example the ATM caves) is an instant bonding activity.
  • Tourist shuttles – these are a great way to meet other travellers since you already have one thing in common: your onward destination!

Best season for Belize travel

The dry season of January to May is the peak season for Belize travel. Although the weather is more predictable, there are obviously some downsides of travelling in high season for example crowds, needing to book things in advance, and higher prices (and they’re high enough already!).

I visited in rainy season (September 2023) and was pretty lucky with the weather. There were a few afternoon showers on the mainland but, otherwise, the weather was good. It didn’t rain at all when I was on the islands. For the trade-off of seeing Belize without the crowds, it was worth it!

If you love seafood, you may want to visit for lobster season between July and February. You may never get to eat it this cheaply again!

I was lucky to be in Belize on 10 September for St. George’s Caye Day which is when Belizeans celebrate the British defeating the Spanish in 1798. Since the British then ruled for 200 years, I’m not entirely sure WHY it’s cause for celebration, but I can confirm the events including fireworks and parades were a lot of fun.

On September 16, it’s Belizean Independence Day from the British… an even bigger celebration! Sadly, I had moved onto Guatemala by then but I have no doubt it’s worth timing your trip around, if you can.

St georges caye day
St George’s Caye celebrations in San Ignacio

Useful items for Belize travel

Currency and money tips

The currency is the Belize dollar (BZD) and it’s very easy to convert because it’s double the US dollar so, for example, 100 BZD = 50 USD!

I won’t beat around the bush: Belize is not cheap! In Belize, my sending app tells me I averaged £60 ($73) a day whereas in Guatemala this was only £40 ($50), telling us that Belize is 25% more than Guatemala.

You won’t spend much on accommodation if you stay in hostels but you WILL spend a lot of money if you do tours and activities.

Blue hole activities solo travel in belize
The ultimate Belize bucketlister…

Average activity costs (USD)

  • ATM caves – $100
  • Snorkelling on Caye Caulker – $90
  • Blue Hole scenic flight – $300
  • Blue Hole diving – $400.

Cost of food & drink on Caye Caulker

Namaste cafe
Namaste is the best place for nutritious food that doesn’t break the bank

Another thing that makes Belize expensive is the cost of food and drink on the islands, I’m guessing because many things are imported, plus they have a captive audience who can’t easily go elsewhere! I found stores to be abysmal in terms of fresh groceries so even if your accommodation has a kitchen, it’s not easy to cook.

Caye Caulker restaurants are expensive but some budget eats I found include Errolyns House of Fry Jacks (a breakfast spot serving carby pockets stuffed with eggs, beans, cheese, meat etc), Auntie’s Take-Out Food (a hole-in-the-wall serving a mix of cuisines) and Jenny’s To Go Food.

Other places I discovered that weren’t too expensive and a lot more nourishing than those above were Ice and Beans (smoothie bowls and iced coffee), Namaste Cafe and Yoga Studio (all the breakfast dishes come with a fruit platter, juice and coffee for 25 BZD) and Chef Juan’s Kitchen (seafood and key lime pie for dessert).

During my September trip, it was lobster season so they were just about the cheapest main meal on the island (25 BZD including garlic butter and sides) so you might as well just enjoy them constantly! There are some casual outdoor bbqs such as Betty’s Grill where you can enjoy a lobster lunch by the sea.

Loster lunch
Lobster lunch at Betty’s

SIM cards in Belize

I knew getting a SIM card in Belize was easy but I decided not to because I was keen to disconnect and switch off. Since I knew Belize is safe for solo travel and I didn’t plan to go off-grid alone (hiking for example), I didn’t feel I needed one for safety seasons.

However, if you want to get a SIM card for the security it provides as a solo female traveller (or just to check Insta when the hostel Wi-Fi is down, no judgment!), it’s easy to do. DigiCell and Smart are the main providers so you can just go into any store. Remember to bring your passport in case they ask.

For a 7-day package with around 2 GB of data, expect to pay around 12 BZD ($6) with DigiCell. If you generally use a lot of data, Smart have an unlimited packet for 45 BZD ($22).

About Airalo – a great new option for staying connected as a solo traveller is this new e-SIM platform allowing you to download online SIMs for your chosen destination and connect as soon as you arrive. Get 1 GB of data for $7.50 with their Belize package.

Food in Belize

Due to the rich blend of cultures that co-exist in this tiny nation, Belize food is interesting and very tasty! On the islands, there’s plenty of seafood (including lobster in season) and Carribean-inspired dishes like jerk chicken and coconut shrimp curry. You can expect sides like fried rice, plantain and coleslaw.

Belizeans love barbeque food and during our day trip to Pine Ridge Nat Park, we noticed there were static barbeques everywhere for locals to enjoy. And they were!

On the mainland, the cuisine was more like Mexican food with street food dishes including tamales and tostadas (although here they were called ganaches and topped with beans, onion and cheese). I had the best street food in San Ignacio where $2 USD will buy you a tasty dinner!

Final thoughts on solo travel in Belize

I had a blast travelling alone in Belize and met lovely friends who I still talk to and hope to run into again somewhere in the world. It was easy to travel around with shuttles and possible to take the budget option of local transport, though I mainly recommend this for experienced solo travellers.

I had some wonderful experiences in Belize such as swimming through ancient caves peppered with Mayan skeletons in San Ignacio, and snorkelling with sharks, manatees and stingrays in Caye Caulker.

So to answer the question, is Belize safe to travel alone?, I think you already know what I’ll say: yes! Belize is wonderful so, if you want to experience it, don’t let being alone stop you. We got this, gals!


Do ATMS charge fees in Belize? No! This is the one cheap thing about travelling in Belize. So just make sure you’re travelling with a card that doesn’t charge fees. I like Monzo and Starling for UK travellers and Revolut and Wise for other nationalities.

Is Mexico or Belize safer? Statistically, Belize is safer than Mexico. I don’t think that makes Mexico unsafe though, as most of the problems are restricted to places tourists don’t visit.

Is it safe to go out at night in Belize? Yes it is, although it’s best to go out with new friends you meet rather than alone. It’s ok to walk short distances in safe places alone in the evenings but generally, it’s preferable to take a taxi or stick with the group if it’s late.

Thanks for reading!

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VISITING BELIZE? These are my trusted resources:

Getting there by air – I use Skyscanner to find the best-value flights, using the ‘search by month’ tool to find the cheapest dates. You can also use the ‘to anywhere’ feature if you’re flexible on where you’re going.

Driving in Belize – on the mainland, use to compare car rentals in Belize (and all around the world).

For hotels in Belize, use – they also have self-catering apartments. You can filter by review score and price to find the best-rated budget places. For hostels, I use Hostelworld.

To save money on accommodation, I use Trusted Housesitters, a website that connects homeowners going away and travellers who can sit their homes & pets.

Browse tours and activities on GetYourGuide. I always check Viator too in case they have a better price.

To stay connected, download an e-SIM with Airalo and connect immediately. Browse their packages for Belize.

Need travel insurance? I use True Traveller (for UK & Europe residents) since it’s affordable but covers everything you’d need including various activities, valuables and pre-existing conditions. Unlike some companies, they insure you if you’re already travelling / don’t yet have your flight home booked. Get a quote.

For travel insurance for other nationalities, I recommend Hey Mundo and for long-term digital nomad travellers, I suggest Safety Wing.

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